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Erasing Hell author Preston Sprinkle is changing his tune


Hear Preston Sprinkle in his own words.


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I don’t think he is “necessarily” changing his tune. Just getting more in line, with what many annihilationists believe. See Hope For All and Purgatorical Conditionalist. Let me quote from a user comment - in the first article:

Let me quote - from the second article:

Please note that this is my position also. But I don’t think there is a divine judgement - as Catholics and Protestants believe. But we will all be, in the pretense of God - like the Eastern Orthodox believe. And how we experience God’s love, becomes our experience of heaven or hell.

And everyone will probably have an opportunity - for post-mortem salvation. And I hope and pray, for the redemption of all.

If I take the visions of contemporary Old Catholic church mystic - Tiffany Snow - as true. Then those who resist, will become energy that makes up - the new earth. Hence, both the annihilationists and Anglican New Testament scholar NT Wright at, with a P-Zombie solution - are correct. And the vision implies that humans will know, what the end outcome of resistance is.