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EU forum doesn't work on iPhone

Yesterday my work got me an iPhone :nerd:

It would be handy to be able to check this forum from my iPhone, but at the moment it simply comes up with a blank page :confused:

If we can’t fix it to be viewable from the iPhone’s Safari then maybe we could make it compatible with a phpBB forum app, like “Forum Runner”, "Tapatalk or “TouchBB”??

I don’t mind at all for the forum to be made compatible with phones. I’m not sure why it isn’t but I’ll assume that it will take a modification to PHPBB.

Let me know if I’m incorrect about this.

Welcome back Gene, did you get my PM? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why I can’t view it in Safari on the iPhone, however, I’ve done some more research and found this ( … &t=2105036):

I don’t think it’s worth making an app for it but I think adding the TouchBB.php file ( Which is basically what this guy said

The work around for now is to point the iPhone/iPad directly to:

rather than

Installed TouchBB and I’m actually posting this from my iPhone :slight_smile: