EU on YouTube?


Sometimes, some people prefer to listen/watch something rather than read.

Searching for “evangelical universalist” on YouTube doesn’t bring much up. Has anyone put anything on there?

I know David Baldwin (funnily a friend of a friend) is in the process of dubbing the three volumes of George MacDonald’s Unspoken Sermons, but like JasonPratt hinted at, a monologue quickly tires the modern attention.

I’ve also listened to some of . It was interesting, what do others think of his stuff?

I’ve also listened to some . Also interesting, and likewise what do others think of his stuff?


I’m not enough on YouTube to have much idea what kinds of universalism materials might be found there. I sure appreciate the links, though! If you find more, please send them!

On the drive to church Sunday (and back), I played around with the idea of creating a YouTube series based on my Calv/Arm/Kath material (which I’ve been sporadically writing up this year); where I go through all four Gospels (or, in future installments, other whole batches of scripture) methodically checking testimony to God’s intentions and actions in salvation and condemnation, and looking at how the three main soteriology branches (Calvinistic, Arminianistic, Katholic/universalistic) deal with those portions of scripture: reading notions out of them, or into them, and in what degrees.

The YT series would feature three characters, one representing each soteriology broadly (with options within each type), and a moderator introducing the particular scriptures to discuss that episode.

Ideally, the best thing would be actually to feature sober well-read representatives of each branch and let them comment, so as to guarantee as much fairness as possible to every position. The next best thing (and naturally much easier to script as an exchange of dialogue–but obviously more tempting, too) would be to have actors play each character but to try to make the best and most sympathetic case for each side.

Doubtless the most entertaining option would be for one or more characters to be rather hostile to the others. :wink: (The Calvinist, due to their unique notion of non-election, would be a candidate for the series’ chief antagonist, simply because he’ll be naturally inclined to be paranoid about whether one or more of his opponents is non-elect.) This is something I believe the Calv character (or commenter) would need to address along the way anyway, although it would be better to do so in a context that helps explain (in as sympathetic a fashion as possible) why it might be a good practical idea to be on the watch for non-elect (and then why it might be proper to treat them in such-and-such a way).

Anyway. That series would be relatively simple to do; though it would still take a lot of work.


I’ve been wanting to do this for a little bit. I’ll get back to this when I get more time.