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Evangelizing to the "Gospel of Saint You" culture

C.S. Lewis addressed this problem in the beginning of “The Weight of Glory”, where he states that too many Christians place selflessness as the highest virtue, when it should be love. The problem as I understand it is that too often selflessness becomes a matter of attending to everyone elses business but ones own, and a self hatred and deprecation. What prompted this was a podcast from Fr. Barron known as “The Gospel of Saint You”. Frankly, I was a little disappointed with the podcast, as it only refuted the whole “Gospel of Saint you” without looking into the whole picture and pointing out what they have right. In most of Bishop Barron’s video’s, he goes into the details about what the other side has right, and even points out the strong points of atheism. I dont know if this podcast had a time constraint, and could not address the whole topic with just 30 minutes. With some exception, much of the video seemed to be promoting cold and heartless moralism in the sense of placing principles above people.

My proposal is that this generation needs to hear that they are at the center of the Universe, but so is everyone and everything else. I have found that people like Richard Rohr and Eckhart Tolle have done a good job of exposing the false self, which is often mistakened for the individuals identity.