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Eyes Wide Shut - analysis

This is a very good analysis of a film I’ve admired for years.

I haven’t seen that film, but the review of it suggests that it talks about the oligarchy - “the hidden aristrocrats”:
eg. " Eyes Wide Shut is thus the story of one man’s temptation to become one of the hidden aristocrats of America…poor people may live with modest hopes and try hard to achieve them—but the rich have to set, in some ways, the purposes of society, given their vast influence, riches, and access to offices or office-holders."

It’s not really about the oligarchy - it is something deeper than that, but uses that ‘class’ as an exemplar of that deeper temptation. Plus they tend to look better naked than the rest of us do, at least in this film.
The term ‘oligarchy’ is not one we use over here much - we tend to go with ‘elite’ which carries many the same overtones. In a way, the use of the elite as subject to this deeper depravity is a kind of a forteriori argument that the ‘rest of us’ are even easier game. Not sure of that, though.

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