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Fatima for EU's?

I read the articles on this Catholic site every day - they are thoughtful and edifying for the most part.
Here is a subject I know next to nothing about, but it does get a good knee-jerk reaction from many of the protestants I hang with, so there must be some truth to it. :smiley:

Any thought on this?? … ern-world/

Oh and Randy, this one caught my eye and made me think of the β€˜Z’ expert here :smiley: … president/

I do feel that certain sites are sacred.

It could be Fatima for Roman Catholics.
Mount Athos for the Eastern Orthodox.
Tombs and relics of Sufi, Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic saints
Sacred sites of the Native Americans

And I have felt the difference, in the energy myself. Perhaps it’s do to the presence of God, Christ and the saints, who have lived in certain places. Or passed on, in certain locations.

But to be fair to the Roman Catholics. Any healing claims, undergo a rigorous medical investigation. Before anything is claimed as a miracle.