For God is not a God of confusion but of peace


Today in church, as part of our series in 1 Corinthians we looked at the following verse:

A number of points were made about this verse. Even before Creation, in the Trinity, God was a God of order and peace. Initially with Creation it was ordered and at peace. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Jesus’ blood on the Cross makes peace:

Afterwards, I pushed the point at bit further and we established that it seems like a fairly important attribute of God. The interesting thing was my friends then had to qualify and in my mind, mutilate “peace” because some people “obviously” aren’t saved :unamused:

I don’t think an ECT Hell is orderly and peaceful! It seems crazy to have to redefine what “peace” means :open_mouth:

From an EU perspective God does bring everything into complete order and peace, when Hell is finally empty :sunglasses:


If confusion brings disorder, then truth brings peace, right? God is truth and sets us free so that we can have peace. Until this point, where we embrace the truth, we are still in confusion and have disorder. It’s like God sends Jesus so that we might know Him, the truth, and in this way have peace, no longer be confused about the kind of God we have. We have a God that had such peace for us he died for us while we were hostile to Him.

I agree that peace is such an important attribute of God that he is not content to allow people to be in confusion forever. He must do what is necessary to bring people to the truth so that they can embrace it. What goes in, must come out! Of hell, that is! :slight_smile: It seems weird to think there’d be any other purpose for confusion, if it weren’t that we should be delivered from it. Reminds me of Rom. 8:20 that we were subjected to frustration (disorder, confusion) in hopes that we would be liberated and brought into the glorious freedom (truth) of the children of God.

The Mormons that just came to my house were talking about God not wanting me to be confused. I guess I really am not confused because I have peace and not just for myself, but all others too.


Hey Al, what does “ECT” stand for?


Everlasting Conscious Torment :cry: