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Fornication = joining in with the Baal pagan fertility god worship


Being turned on is not the same as lust, as far as I can tell. Arousal has a purpose.


Not wanting to get weird here, can you explain that thought?


I suppose we could have been created with a reproductive urge that had nothing to do with pleasure. Instead, we are equipped for pleasure and unlike many animals, we are able to fulfill that pleasure almost at will. No particular ‘seasons’ for us.
So I’m comfortable with the thought that God made us able to enjoy sex. Part of that is arousal, right? So arousal is not only ok, it is part of the Plan, for reproduction and enjoyment.
No problem so far.
Arousal then is not a moral issue. How we as human beings ‘handle it’ so to speak, is a moral issue.
God teaches, right off the bat in Genesis, that marriage is the proper outlet for that urge. Even within marriage, one or both partners will have their own private fantasy life from time to time, or find themselves strongly drawn to someone else, even feel sexual longings for them. I don’t see that as a problem unless it develops into lust, which it tends to do if dwelt upon too much. We are asked to Manage those feelings - not deny them, because, well, there they are - but to keep them in perspective, resist them when they impinge on any relationship with God or man, etc.
In general, our bodies, I take it, are not meant to be our personal entertainment system. Sex should be relational, with an actual person, not pixels.
We could on and on. What say you?


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I found an interesting article, in today’s Patheos Catholic newsletter:


Not exactly! if a single man never desires someone to whom he is not married, what would motivate him to get married?

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that whoever looks at a wife to desire her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. (Matthew 5:27,28)

The Greek word “γυνη” can mean either “woman” or “wife.” But it can hardly mean “woman” in this context, for why would it be adultery of the heart for a single man to look at a single woman with desire? But if he looks at someone’s wife, to desire her sexually, he clearly commits adultery in his heart.