George MacDonald on "The God of the Living"


Most of GMacD’s preceding sermon (from Unspoken Sermons vol. 1), on “Loving Thy Enemy”, can be found here on the boards. (Or, go here for a list of links for directly accessing all his published material for free from an American publisher, or to buy some nice hardback copies.)

This is the finale to the first Volume of MacD’s Unspoken Sermons.

As might be expected from the title, this sermon will have some bearing on universalism per se… :wink:

George MacDonald on "The Way"

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Note: MacD seems in this sermon to confuse the proposition of the return of the same body in the state in which it died, with the transformation of however much of that body remains. Elsewhere, though, he seems to definitely affirm the resurrection and transformation of Christ’s slain body from the tomb, not merely the casting aside of that body for a new one.


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Vol 2 begins with a sermon on “The Way”