George MacDonald on "The Hands of the Father"


Most of GMacD’s preceding sermon (from Unspoken Sermons vol. 1), on “The Eloi” (which title I changed to “The Cry From The Cross” for better title clarity :wink: ), can be found here on the boards. (Or, go here for a list of links for directly accessing all his published material for free from an American publisher, or to buy some nice hardback copies.)

I will note as a brief correction to this opening paragraph, that MacD lets his poetic delivery accidentally restrict a belief of his; for elsewhere he indicates clearly enough that he believes God did not need the death on the cross to be “inside and beneath” as well as “around and above” men, nor to suffer with and for us. But the death on the cross exemplifies these eternal truths for us–the Son, even here, reveals the Father to us, doing only as the Father does. Henceforward, those who perceive the revelation will find these truths to be true, and so discover God where they may not have looked before. For “He is not far from any one of us”; nor must anyone ascend into heaven or descend into hell to bring God to us, “for the Word (Who is Christ) is near you, in your mouth and in your heart.”

(Rom 10:6-8. Relatedly, v.15 of that chapter is more clearly understood when it is realized that the rabbis taught the “beautiful feet bringing glad tidings of good things” on the mountain, belong first and foremost to the Messiah.)

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