George MacDonald on "The Higher Faith"


Note: most of GMacD’s preceding sermon (from Unspoken Sermons vol. 1), on “The Consuming Fire”, can be found here on the boards.

I am presenting excerpts from each of his sermons in order, from the first edition texts, which can be found for free here at Johannesen. I gladly recommend them for a fine cost-efficient hardback copy (with some slight editing to incorporate multiple editions).

As usual, I am presenting my own edit of MacD, with extra paragraphs and with slightly different punctuation, as well as some clarifications to the pronoun trail. In order not to be reproducing everything in the work, I am trying to leave out about 5%, too. If you want to read the whole thing, go to Johannesen, or buy a copy from somewhere! :wink:

George MacDonald on "The Unforgivable Sin"

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So does GMac believe in other revelators than the Bible? Visions and the like?


I think strictly speaking, he’d say he believes in the Holy Spirit, Who testifies in the soul of every man. In that regard, there is only one Revelator, Who uses various mediant ways of accomplishing His goals. Even the Bible testifies that God doesn’t always (maybe only rarely!) use “the Bible” for purposes of revelation. (Edited to add: I’ll be making this observation myself in the Bite-Sized Metaphysics series soon.) To give one of many examples, just off the top of my head: prophets are sometimes mentioned doing their work, but we (the readers of scripture) never hear what they said. (What revelations of the daughters of Philip are mentioned in scripture? None–only that they were active prophetesses.)

We’ll be getting to more of this soon in his sermons; he himself brings up the question, about halfway through his series (a long time from now, although he’ll be addressing the topic in this sermon, too): “Then you believe in an individual inspiration to anyone who chooses to lay claim to it!”


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[JRP footnote: I’ll have to check with the hardback edition at home to recall which poet he’s quoting here. Probably Dante, who despite strong disagreements about hell, MacD greatly admired.]


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Please believe me when I say that I can testify to the oppositional truth of the latter paragraph, against myself in my own life. I do receive my answer in the flames of that consuming fire; because I sometimes can’t help but pray to God for something not good. :frowning:


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Frankly, I almost left this parenthetical paragraph out: surely we all are well aware from our own experiences, if nothing else, that a man can in fact ask something from God that is bad. God knows I have done so often enough myself. But I do think that the more faithful we are, the less inclined we will be to ask for something that we ourselves recognize to be bad (whether we are mistaken or not), or at least the more inclined we will be to retract such a prayer in true repentance once offered.


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One of my many favorite portions of the Unspoken Sermon series, btw. :slight_smile:


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