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Paidion, I thank you for the quote. I agree with it. But I ask you, is the idea universal, in that what each of us Christians has been shown by the Lord (through the word AND the Spirit) what to do and say and think, of equal value? So is one persons view of what the Lord tells him or her to do as valid as another’s? :confused:

I think this is a valid question. :slight_smile:

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In this thread, I don’t explain. I just quote.

One of my favorite

[size=150]Excellent GMD quote, St. Michael![/size]

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I will concede… :smiley:

Here is a good one from unspoken sermons 2 ‘The cause of spiritual stupidity’:

[size=150]“When we understand the outside of things, we think we have them: the Lord puts his things in subdefined, suggestive shapes, yielding no satisfactory meaning to the mere intellect, but unfolding themselves to the conscience and heart, to the man himself, in the process of life- effort”.[/size]
Macdonald, George. Unspoken Sermons Series I, II, and III (p. 129). Start Publishing LLC. Kindle Edition.

This is the one right here Paidion:

Men may pursue the Beautiful, while they
Love not the Good, the life of all the Fair;
Keen-eyed for beauty, they will find it where
The darkness of their eyes hath power to slay
The vision of the good in beauty’s ray,
Though fruits the same life-giving branches bear

One more Paidion,

“Let us go further and, looking at beauty, believe that God is the first of artists; that he has put beauty into nature, knowing how it will affect us, and intending that it should so affect us; that he has embodied his own grand thoughts thus that we might see them and be glad.”

[size=130]In love, every man shows himself better than he is, though, thank God, not better than he is meant to become. — George Macdonald; The Maiden’s Bequest,p 192.[/size]

There is a darkness that comes of effulgence; and the most veiling of all veils is the light. That for which the eye exists is light, but through light no human eye can pierce.

The Elect Lady, Chapter XXXII

It sounds like George MacDonald wanted glory for himself. But Jesus said:

I am not seeking glory for myself; but there is one who seeks it, and he is the judge. ~~ John 8:50

God gives us a glory when we don’t seek it for ourselves. We seek the glory of God. God isn’t selfish for seeking His glory for He is the greatest most glorious being in the universe. Moreover, in seeking His glory He breaks the bondage to the idol of self in His creatures. Therefore this is an act of love on God’s part. Not selfishness. He knows we won’t be complete until we give Him the glory. The glory the creature receives is in humility. In giving God the glory we receive a glory. We keep it by giving it away. My main motive for loving and being kind to others is to glorify God.

When we seek our own glory (self-esteem) we become aggressive bullying and egotistical. George MacDonald was verbally abusive to people (Calvinists) and he hated God because of His wrath. George MacDonald didn’t love his enemies. But Jesus did and he commanded us to. This is what happens when you seek your own glory. It leads to ego. For me it even lead to megalomania. This is from my book called “The Wisdom To Know the Difference” by the psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Mississippi. It’s under the section called “The Self-Esteem Myth”

The book was published in 2012

C.S. Lewis was correct. Pride is the root of all other sins.

According to Fr. Cajetan Mary da Bergo in "Humility of Heart:

The teacher of Pope John Paul II:

George MacDonald died in 1905, and so had died prior to the Communist revolution in Russia. However, communist thinking existed long before the revolution. Here are GMD’s thoughts:

Perhaps had he lived in our day, GMD might have said:

How you arrived at that conclusion from the GMD quote, is beyond me. If you ever have the privilege of reading his biography, you will know that he was quite the opposite in every aspect of his life. He was a servant of God and a servant of people. He loved even those who hated him for his Godly life, and when cruel words were directed against him, he never retaliated in like manner.

Well put, Paidion. Few men have lived as holy a life as George MacDonald. He is easily my favorite religious writer who wasn’t a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Self that annihilates itself leaves the dried ashes of self. Self that dissolves before the glory of God is death swallowed up in victory, Christ in you- the hope of glory.

“St Paul would be wretched before the throne of God, if he thought there was one man beyond the pale of his mercy, and that as much for God’s glory as for the man’s sake.”- a gem by george


The Bible flat out contradicts George MacDonald:

For Your name’s sake, O LORD, Pardon my iniquity, for it is great ~~ Psalms 25:11

It’s for God’s glory alone that we receive mercy. We receive a glory but it is in humility. We keep it by giving it away. It’s more blessed to give than receive. God gives the grace and He gets the glory. In this we are glorified. Just as Christ emptied Himself and became nothing before God we are to do likewise. This is being in union with Christ. We will be crowned with a different degree of glory in heaven. But we empty ourselves for the wind of the spirit to blow through. It comes from God and goes back to God. God alone is intrinsically glorious:

When we try to exalt ourselves to the throne it leads to ego. This is what happened to Satan. And George MacDonald was verbally abusive to Calvinists and hated God because of His wrath. Jesus gave us the example of loving our enemies. For He did not seek His own glory but gave it to God. Vengeance is Mine says God. If your enemy is hungry feed him.