Gerry Beauchemin and daughter's video defense of Rob Bell


Came across an interesting video of a young gal’s defense of Rob Bell. Never seen a gal this young professing such a hope. Turns out she is the daughter of Gerry Beauchemin’s daughter, author of Hope Beyond Hell. He has an interesting video defending Rob Bell. They have very similar ideas to ours. As I looked at all the videos, most were anti Rob Bell. I realize we are definitely in the minority here. Glad I stumbled across it! … re=related

Gerry’s video explaining Bell… … re=related


This girl is a mighty daughter of God. God bless her with more than the Heavens themselves could rain. In Jesus’ name amen.

As for the book, it was Hope Beyond Hell that first introduced me to the concept being laid out in Scripture, though it was George MacDonald that introduced me to it first. lol, ironically in the preface of a book about the author in a book called Phantastes which was sent to me in the mail by a friend’s mother from California, that I had to have sent to me in secret! :laughing: It seems God really was in the works with that one.


Thanks for sharing that Amy! It’s so nice to see others out there saying pretty much the same thing we are. That’s why I stuck around when I found this forum – here were people I’d never heard of before, writing books about and talking about the same things I already believed. Love it!