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Getting this msg constantly


But only on this forum.
Any ideas?


No idea. I’m running avast, on Firefox, on my Windows 8.1 systems. Let me pop in from that direction. (My old Mac TenFourFox browser, which I’m currently on, probably wouldn’t show anything there anyway.)

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To get around the problem, I made an exclusion for the that was causing me the problem. That cleared it up, hopefully without creating a weakness in my security.
I use Avast and Malwarebytes (premium), Chrome, Win 10


Nope, no flags. Weird.


Did you try an exclusion for the website itself first?


I did not. Didn’t even think about it - should I have? I was focused on the one thing that kicked off the error msgs - which was the ‘image’ in Don’s posts.


Dave, it looks as if I am to blame. I use ibb in order to post my images.

I also use malwarebytes (of the highest order) and it has no problems with ibb.

What do my posted pics look like, now that you have excluded ibb. Do you see them now?


Yep, the images are just as they should be. I’m not going to worry about it any more. Thanks!


Oh, so this was on Don’s pictures somewhere? …like his photo, or something more specific? (His photo isn’t triggering anything for me.)


It appears this only applies to folks running Malwarebytes online. As opposed to using it as a scan - like I do, once a month. It could be, what is called in the industry - a false positive. Since I use OpenDSN, Norton Security Suite and McAfee site adviser…and get no such readings…I would say Malwarebytes is issuing a false positive. Which means that Malwarebytes is saying something is dangerous - when it is not. I recommend not running Malwarebytes online, if you have another Antivirus present. They both could conflict with each other.


Thanks for the advice!


Dave, since Photobucket stopped me from posting my pictures until I had paid, I have uploaded my pictures, cartoons, etc. to and there’s been no message from MalwareBytes.

However, just today, I went to another forum, and Malwarebytes gave me that same “Website blocked” message that you got from my postings.
So I excluded in Malwarebytes, and I could then see the guy’s pictures.


Hmmm… a wee bit o’ glitch, I reckon. Thanks again for the tip Don.