God, Creation and Evil


Interesting article from the Experimental Theology blog that addresses theodicy from a UR in relation with creation.

[size=150]God, Creation and Evil [/size]

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I’m wondering where i can find a free copy of the whole article online.

reddit.com/r/ChristianUnive … y_hart_on/


Thomas Aquinas and others didn’t believe that the saints rejoice in the torments of the damned in and of themselves. The saints are not sadistic, cruel or bloodthirsty. No, they rejoice in the suffering of the damned only in the sense that God’s glory appears in it. That is to say, they rejoice in the glories of God’s justice not the cruelty in and of itself. According to Thomas Aquinas:

The Bible says God doesn’t delight in the death and destruction of the wicked. But it also says God’ delights in His justice.