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God, Time & Timelessness

Does God exist outside of time?

Does He exist in all points in time?


If time has always existed (e.g. in other universes) & there’s no such thing as “no time”, then God is “a slave to time”.

I disbelieve that there is such a thing as “outside time.”
God begat His Son as the first of all His acts. That event marked the beginning of time.
And no God does NOT exist at all points in time. That concept is meaningless nonsense. He exists in time the same as all of us do.

Someone might ask, "What was God doing for billions of years before He begat His son?
My answer is that there was no “before.”

None of this has any basis in the bible so it’s only speculation. If time is a “thing” then God created it and he would be outside of it but we don’t know if “time” is a thing or a method of measuring distances between events?