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God's Justice Is Holy Justice

To be holy means to be set apart and special. It’s to be distinct. Holiness when applied to God not only refers to moral purity but to everything that separates God from His creation and His creatures. So, while God is love He’s holy love. His justice is a holy justice. We see this justice at the cross. At the cross we see Holy justice. What is unique about this justice is that it produces resurrection. The justice at the cross is suffering, death, and then resurrection. It’s judgment followed by resurrection. The Bible says Christ learned obedience through what He suffered. Therefore, the retribution at the cross includes disciplinary and restoration and resurrection. This is God’s holy (unique) justice. He kills but makes alive.

Yes, “holy” does mean “set apart.” and God’s true, holy “justice” is not retributive, but restorative.

There’s nothing unique about that. What I gave is Holy (unique) justice.

Did you think I was disagreeing?