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God's Love is Unconditional


is the title of this audio message by Andrew Wommack: … tional.mp3


I am wondering what the point of this post is? I listened to a portion of the message. I also observed you have linked to tentmakers and the Christian universalist statement of faith. You actually at one point linked or one of it’s pages cause it took me to Gary’s site. You obviously have been looking.

Are your arguments about total depravity something that you need to be reconciled with, but can’t quite get there, or are you truly in opposition to fulfilled grace. I use that term on purpose as opposed to Christian Universalism. There are a lot of different ideas floating around. Seems to me like you are somehow reaching out.

Just a thought. Let us know.


Very observant. How did you enjoy the message. I did some searches looking for a discussion on the subject of God’s Love Is Unconditional & did not find it on this site, so i thought i would introduce a thread with that title.


Well, God’s love is unconditional… And I think you may be a deceiver… Many, Many here on this site will tell you how God’s message is one of unconditional love… :astonished:


After a brief search I didn’t find any - titles - with “unconditional love” in them, either via this sites search feature or via google’s search engine for this particular site. But it’s good to hear that those words have been mentioned before. Perhaps you can direct me to a recent Biblical “discussion” on the topic.


you will get there


didnt listen to the message. But I would be testament to the fact that Gods love is unconditional. As is a loving parents, as He describes Himself.

Whats always got me about some denominations is they say to you “Gods love is unconditional” and then turn around and start listing off conditions in which you must behave or believe for Him to love you.