Going to a Lost Eternity?


Our pastor keeps using this phrase instead of “going to hell”. I am at a loss to find this concept in scripture. I know what he thinks he means by it, but then why add to the confusion by making up another phrase that is not (even conceptually?) found in scripture? :confused:


That is odd :confused: if it was me, I’d ask him what he means and where he gets it from, might be a good conversation starter :slight_smile:


Been there … done that… have the T-shirt to prove it :blush:

It’s the genteel… politically correct :astonished: version of "YOUR GOING TO BURN IN HELL :smiling_imp: " :laughing: They use it alot in the Church circles that I used to preach in, they just don’t want to be labelled “Fire & Brimstone” preachers. :unamused:

Speaking from experience,they want to focus on the love of God and are having issues down deep inside with the ECT side He has.

That just made me think of the character in one of the Batman movies …Twoface. Nice on one side ugly bad on the other :mrgreen:


Interesting responses. Our pastor definitely focuses most on the love of God, so that makes sense that he wants to “euphemize” what he is really saying.
Alex, believe me; if I thought I’d get anywhere with using that as a conversation starter, I would have done it. About three or four years ago, I left him a copy of “Hope beyond hell” with a note saying I’d like to discuss it. Instead of approaching me at all, he preached a four week sermon series against a straw man version (of our brand) of Universalism. His mind is made up.

I honestly don’t even think he read the book. I think he just looked at the bibliography, skimmed the book, and decided it was heresy. :confused:


Lost eternity???

Luke 15:32 ‘It was right that we should make merry and be glad, for your brother was dead and is alive again, and was lost and is found.’"