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‘Grandma not in heaven’ boy reports

*APPLE VALLEY, Minn. — Four-year-old Jeremy Werdt says he went to heaven during emergency spleen surgery, and his testimony of seeing Jesus and deceased relatives thrilled his Christian family and landed him a book contract.

Then Jeremy revealed to his family that Wanda Spencer, his maternal grandmother, was not in heaven after all.*

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…is it supposed to be satire? (Like a story from The Onion?)

Unintentionally funny?

Hmm, does Lark News want to publish satire? :laughing: But I suppose universalists and hopeful universalists would find this funnier than ECTers.

Oh dear . . . I guess I’m missing something, but I don’t find it funny at all. These people obviously believe the little boy had a heaven experience. Maybe he did. Who knows? And now they’re all in distress – genuine distress – because of their loved one. I want to go and spend time with them and share hugs and coffee and assure them that Granny will be fine, whether now or later. God still loves her and will continue to take good care of her. How can they imagine that God, who loves them, could fail to love the one they love; Granny?

I can identify as my grandfather, whom I cared for in his last years, wandered off from my house and was found a couple of months later tangled up in a fence. He was always kind of proud when it came to matters of faith. He figured he was good enough, and he WAS a good man, as people go. I was very disturbed about his fate until God gave me a picture of him. In the picture, he was sitting on a grassy creek bank fishing (he loved to fish) all alone, with what looked like a vast wilderness all around him. It was a nice, peaceful scene – to me at least. I like places like that, and Grandpa did, too.

As a well-informed conservative evangelical, I “knew” this was impossible, but I really couldn’t shake the peace that God surrounded me with in that picture. I knew that somehow, my grandpa was going to be okay, even if I couldn’t understand it. I did what I do with all such things that I don’t understand and where I know I’m missing something; I put it on the shelf to wait until God explained it to me more thoroughly.

I think most of us do this, or those of us who remain sane, at least, when a loved one dies about whom we’re not certain. We hope that somehow, in their last hours, they repented unbeknownst to us, or if we know they didn’t, we still hope, even if we don’t have any basis for that (that we know of).

Just to clear it up this most definitely a satire(meaning it didn’t happen). The whole website is full of tongue-in-cheek stories. This article is clearly satiring the book “Heaven if for real”. As Cindy explained they probably took it too far on that one, that said I the website overall pretty funny.

Yep, take this one for instance:

It’s very subtle satire, much moreso than the Onion which is usually very obvious. Lark News seems to try to make some points with their articles, thus often ending up with stories that sound halfway realistic. haha! :laughing:

yep, pure satire!
some of their stuff on worship leaders and pastors is absolutely brilliant!

:wink: This is what I get for not noticing the previous thread titled “The Lark”.