Great Music


Free download of his music. I wouldn’t say it has a UR message but his God is bigger than most.


I am enjoying the album… Thanks for the link!!

Haven’t had the opportunity to really listen to the lyrics, but I’m enjoying what I’ve heard so far.


Thanks for pointing this out! I’m still getting into it, but I really like what I hear so far…definitely UR-friendly…


great music, such a breath of fresh air, not the cookie cutter whining voice, same track christian music so prevalent right now.

Track 1 and 3 are great


I downloaded the album but for some unknown reason my PC won’t play the mp3 files :frowning:


Since I last posted, I’ve become a big fan of this album… such great music! Thank you Nimble for sharing :smiley:

I was listening on the way home from work and heard these words:

That one line stood out to me and I felt the HS tugging at my heart with a little something. We always think of the proverb, “faithful are the wounds of a friend” in light of relationships with our fellow man. What God revealed to me in that moment was that our “wounds” from Him are faithful. His punishment, admonition, judgment of man is faithful in the same way. God intends the best for man!

Just thought I’d share. Thanks again Nimble. :smiley:


glad you folks like this. If you like this check out Lots of great artist with some really sound lyrics.

These are my favorite Josh Garrels lyrics at the moment.

from Resistance. The more I hear it the more I like it.


Mine downloaded to a zipfile. I would be glad to email it to you. Send me a pm.

#9 … breathing/

You’ll have to scroll down aways. But its good reading too.

Check this song out. Jason Gray. I love the first and last lines the most.


That is certainly my favorite track. I think I listened to it six times in a row the first time I heard it.


Yes I do love ‘The Resistance’ its one of the best written songs I’ve heard in a while ( I actually enjoyed his rapping and I normally hate rap). I’m still working my way through the rest of the album though, I love how genre jumping he is though. If you ever have any other awesome music please please please share it. I know one website that is amazing for free Christian Music that doesn’t bite, its “” I recommend Bellarive, The Ember Days, and Ascend the Hill. Also I’m listening to two other bands that I’m liking more and more. Thanks again =)