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Great video series by Michael Hardin

This is the first installment of a YouTube series on Romans/Paul. There are links to the others there. The information in these videos is (in my opinion) a game-changer not only for theology in general, but universalism in particular. It certainly helps remove some of the “biblical” objections to universalism at the least.

I had read Michael’s book, “The Jesus Driven Life” awhile back, in which he introduced some of the concepts he talks about in more detail here.

Thanks for posting these Melch, I listened to the first three but with some distractions. Do you have a precise list of the actual verses which are purported to be the words of the ‘false teacher’?

I’m not aware if there is a list. You might want to write to Michael and see if he’s listed those out somewhere. I think he has done a whole series on Galatians as well. I might poke around and see if he has a website with the info on it.

Hi Pilgrim; I contacted Michael about the list, and this was his reply: "Douglas Campbell has sorted out the voices in Romans in his book The Deliverance of God



Thank you Melch. At 37GBP for the paperback I’ll have to pass on the book but I’ll keep working on which verses are purported to be false. I understand its the whole of 18 to 32 in Chapter 1. Whilst I’m open to Campbell’s idea, I’m concerned as to where the evidence is for which verses we “choose” to be false doctrine and which we “choose” to be true. I wonder if its not all too convenient.
God bless.

Understood. I saw the price on the book as well, and had to pass on it. That’s a hefty sum to pay for a paperback…