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Harmonic Vibrations

Harmonic Vibrations

The deep probings of our Father lead us into bursting springs of Living Water. Each of us as unique beings of His birthing, are on different stages of a journey whose beginning and ending is Him!

He’s coming to us as the dawning,
The Daystar arises again,
Revealing Emmanuel’s glory,
The union of God and man,
He wakens us morning by morning,
He opens our ears to His word,
And we see the glory and majesty,
Of Jesus, the Christ and Lord.

Deep calleth unto deep in the Christ,
Love calleth unto love,
Searching for treasure that’s hidden in sons,
This is the pearl of great price.

Regarding the title and the O.P. , do you believe this FineLinen?

Dear Pilgrim: The Father spoke, & continues to speak in overtones that require a place of resonance in those whom He quickens to appear before Him. Yes, my friend I believe in harmonious vibrations with a capital H.V.

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Dear Northsouth: I love the God whose plan from day 1 is the Restitution of the all. His chords are breaking in upon us as we are tuned to His spontaneous vibrations.