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Has subscribing to topics ever worked for anyone?

Has subscribing to topics (bottom left on every thread) ever worked for anyone? :confused:

It seems to work intermittently :neutral_face:

Well, it definitely worked for me. I didn’t reply to this thread (to activate my auto-subscribe), but used the subscribe button.

Thanks Jason, I take it you got an email notification about my reply? Please could you post another reply here…

Yes, I received an email notifcation for both your comments in this thread (after I subscribed).

I’m subscribed too, but haven’t gotten anything… :confused:

Including from me? I mean, email notifications from the system about my posts on this thread?

That’s weird… huh.

It works for me, but I have to remember to subscribe when I post my reply (which I usually don’t remember to do). I did it this time, tho.