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Hellbound? in Newton Abbot, South Devon (UK)

Kevin"]Saturday, July 20, 2013

Filmmaker Kevin Miller will be on hand following this Q&A screening. Time and location to be announced. :sunglasses:

Wow, Newton abbot of all places! Pretty rural …

Any more info on times and location? It’ll be hard to plan to get there the longer there’s no detail.

Also, do you know why he’s going to Newton Abbot - it seems an odd choice of place? And do you know if he’s doing anywhere else afterwards?

No other info yet… I’ll try to to check again in week.

The screening will be at The Bushell Theatre, Newton Abbot, TQ12 1PT. Doors open at 6.15pm with the screening at 7pm. Tickets are £3 which includes drink and snack.

The reason he’s coming to Newton Abbot is simply because he offered! I emailed asking about a licence to show Hellbound and he suggested he came and did a Q&A because he was in the UK in July.

If you go to our church website you can find all the details there about what is happening.


Welcome to the forum Joe! Good on you for asking - hope it goes really well!

Cool stuff! Hope it goes well.

I know someone who knows the leaders of this church. I told him o let them know I thought they were being very brave and good etc. However, I also asked if they had a contingency plan in case a number of their members (or leaders) should become convinced of universalism given that, AFAIK, that wouldn’t be allowed under the Baptist SOF.

I think I said too much … :frowning: I can’t make it to this event (on holiday - drat), but have advertised it at my church (though I doubt any will go).

Who was it that you know?

Don’t worry about saying too much! I’m happy to discuss, debate and push people theologically… :slight_smile:

It will be interessting to see who comes to the screening and what the reaction is. :slight_smile:

Rev Eadie at Appledore.

Out of curiosity, do you have a contingency plan should you or your congregation become universalists? I mean that in all sincerity, since having discovered first hand how hard it is on those who go from ECT to universalism ( I had less of a reaction when I shifted to annihilationism) - or any serious issue doctrine (creation v evolution being another). How would being a universalist sit with being a Baptist?

I’m organising a follow up evening for people to continue the discussion and to listen to the thoughts and questions that come out of the evening.

Our church is church plant and we are only about 18 months old as a church. Ever since the beginning I have actively encouraged the church to question everything and to listne to what Scripture is saying. So we are very used to challenging and being challenged by Scripture, tradition etc. So showing this film is another way that we are doing this.

Baptist history is rich in non-violence and dissent. So I feel watching Hellbound and thinking through issues that the film raises fits very well with our Baptist history…

Totally agree - and I mean no disrespect, nor do I want you to be put off the idea of hosting such events. I think it’s commendable to do this - I really wish more churches would (believe me, if I lived closer to you I’d be dropping in).

But I also notice that you haven’t said whether or not you had a contingency plan … Without wishing to start an argument about it, I just think it may be wise for you to consider what happens to your affiliation with the Baptists (whatever association you’re with) should yourself, other leaders, or a large part of your congregation become biblical universalists.

Would a universalist be able to preach in your church, for example? What about leading the Sunday School? What about being an elder or pastor? These are real issues universalists face within ECT churches. Best to have had the discussion before the pastoral explosion, IMHO … I suggest the same regarding bringing any contentious issue into church (gay relationships; women preachers or head coverings; spiritual gifts; tithing; biblical inerrancy; inclusivism and other religions; open theism, predestination or Calvinism; etc etc). I’ve seen too many hurt Christians and split churches not to at least ask you to think about this stuff in advance.

All the best with the event, though! :slight_smile:

Is there a report on how the event went? Were the Q&A filmed?

edit: just found this :slight_smile:

Doesn’t go into details about the Q&A, unfortunately. :frowning: Says a followup has been scheduled for Sept 25.

Wow! I wish I lived close to that church. I admire the Spirit of enquiry.

Me too :slight_smile: It’s a pretty new/young church by all accounts - I really hope they make a cracking job of ministering in that area. All the best to them.

pilgrim: you can let them know how you feel by Facebook, I think.

We had a follow time of discussion in September. I’ve posted the reflections and discussion on my blog here:

evangelistchanging.blogspot. … ction.html


A very well written, fair and balanced review. Thank you.