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Hellbound on CBC Radio … obsessed/#

Interview of Hellbound Director Kevin Miller… it starts at about the 28 min point.

I haven’t seen it yet … but look forward to getting the DVD in May :smiley:

I’ll be curious as to what other members here think of the movie once it reaches wider release though DVD.

Personally, I want the DVD for the more in-depth interview data. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to seeing it. Too bad it didn’t get a wider showing in theaters. :frowning: I wanted to go but I couldn’t have brought more than a few people. I don’t understand people’s fear of this – people who have fearlessly walked away from other harmful though traditional doctrines. It wasn’t that I was afraid of EU before I “turned,” but I just thought it was mistaken. I guess I identified it with Preterism and/or UU, but even at that I didn’t look into it because I found those doctrines tiresome and not credible – not because I was afraid. (And those of you who hold them – I’m sorry, and I don’t find YOU tiresome personally.) It’s weird. I guess hell engenders its own fear. If you don’t believe in hell, then you’ll go to hell for not believing that. :unamused:

The interviews are of 9 individuals & a 10th of two people who allege having had a vision/experience of “hell”.

All interviews are only 2 to 4 minutes long. They include:

  1. Sharon Baker
  2. Richard Beck
  3. Greg Boyd
  4. Robert McKee
  5. Brian Mclaren
  6. Miroslav Volf
  7. EdwardFudge
  8. Carlton Pearson
  9. Tom Talbott
  10. To Hell & Back

The film + interviews include several [universalists, i suppose] answering the issue of harmonizing the God Who is Love with what we read of Him in some parts of the OT or Revelation. In a word they say these harsh things are to be understood culturally or symbolically & the true nature of God is that He is Love & Light & there is no darkness in Him at all.

The film spends some time explaining the view of “hell” (Gehenna) in relation to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. IOW Preterism. Hell is also spoken of as a kind of purgatory.

Overall the DVD is favorable to universalism, whether as a hope or belief. Annihilationism gets the least attention of the 3 views.

Here is a much more indepth discussion & review by Jason Pratt & others:

One of those interviewed in the film, Bob Larson, gave his review here: … nt-see-it/