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Help me sleep at night

Hi all & a happy new merry to everyone.
Something’s puzzled me for a long time and I’m quite happy to advertise how stupid I am in exchange for the solution to my puzzle.
Take a look at a screen view on this forum. Notice the pink header and immediately below that, at the extreme right, is a white box with magnifying glass and the word “Search”.
Now, I put a word in that box - but what happens next? Nothing? How do I use that little tinker?

P.S. I am aware of an advanced search option - but its that tinker which I’d like to crack or send to eternal conscious torment.

I always just hit ‘return/enter’ on my keyboard after typing a search term or phrase there.

(Actually, we could stand to have a hyperlink to the advanced search function appended to the standard top of pages. I’m not sure there’s currently any way to get to the advanced search without going through the forum-engine’s native search function first!)

Hitting “enter” on my computer works, too. I haven’t tried the advanced search.

Thanks. Works for me too. Now why wasn’t that obvious to me?? (- rhetorical ) :blush: :unamused: :smiley: