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Help the migration and archive: pdf your work here

In order to help with the migration and/or archiving of the site, I strongly recommend that members create pdfs of their own work (keeping in mind you might have to split that among pdfs for uploading restrictions although at the moment I don’t see any), and use the “upload attachment” tab below the “save draft / preview / submit” buttons on new comments, to upload your collection(s) to this thread.

Edited to add: other common formats are fine, too, like “.doc” (from Microsoft Word), “.txt” (generic text file), “.wpd” (Wordpad which is the free version of Word available in Windows operating systems), “.rtf” (rich text format, an upgraded version of .txt with more formatting capabilities, once commonly used).

Guest authors already have pdf’d a lot of their work in their categories anyway, although I’ll start off by attaching my current ExCom notes here – which are far from my only notes on trinitarian Christian universalist exegesis and scriptural commentary, but are more extensive than my ExCom entries so far. About 520 pages.
JRP ExCom notes for EU forum archiving.pdf (1.03 MB)

My work is in doc format. I don’t know how to convert to pdf without buying software.

Maybe this free internet site will help. You do not need to download any programming to your computer:

Thank you Geoffrey. It worked.

The Supreme Sacrifice of Jesus Christ
Chapter 1
Supreme Sacrifice Ch 1.pdf (449 KB)

The Supreme Sacrifice of Jesus Christ
Chapter 2
supreme sacrifice ch2.pdf (375 KB)

The Supreme Sacrifice of Christ
Chapter 3

I tried many times to convert the file to pdf, and it gave an error every time. Since I consider this to be the most important chapter, I decided to attach it anyhow in its original doc format.
Supreme Sacrifiice Ch3.doc (37.5 KB)

Thanks, I nabbed it.

Docs are fine, too, or txt format. :sunglasses:

If you have a Macintosh, with an operating system at least 10.4.11 (in other words at least 10 years old), you should be able to convert practically anything to a pdf by setting it to print and then at the print dialog window look around to see if there’s a "pdf’ button or drop-down menu. (On my 10.4.11 system, it’s on the lower left corner.) The system can create a pdf from whatever you selected to print, including with restrictions to page selections.

I created all the pdfs of my work that way, including the one I attached in the first post (which I created while making that post).

Sorry to see the forum closing down. Thanks Jason and everyone for all the effort and discussion.

My book, Optimism Out of Control, and website,, pointed to several of my posts and discussions at this website and in order to keep the material available I copied the posts that I authored and the subsequent discussion to one of my own domains at

I trust that this is not a problem and not an infringement on any copyrights. Please let me know if there is a concern.

That’s fine, it shouldn’t be a problem.