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Hide your online status button no longer works

I often use this feature – or did. It no longer works. Maybe its my computer???
If the feature does not work, and cannot be fixed, I’d suggest it be abandoned.


I believe you have to log out and log back in after setting this in your user control panel.

Still doesn’t work auggy…
My user control panel says “Yes” but I show up as “online” both when I check the option (do not show online status this session) on signing in and when I don’t.

No big deal to me at all. However, there may be some shy souls to whom it does matter???


Perhaps it doesn’t say your online on our end?

Hiding online status would only work for other people, not for one’s self, if I understand correctly.

Have you tested by ‘hiding’ your status, logging on, and then asking someone else to visit to see if they can ‘see’ you?