Hope For All (New from Gerry Beauchemin)


Hey, everyone

I just wanted to let you all know that Gerry Beauchemin, author of Hope Beyond Hell has written a new book. I haven’t read it yet (I just now bought it), but his first book was a great deal of help to me when I was just beginning to study Evangelical Universalism and I’m looking forward to his most recent work. It’s available in both print and digital form. You can get it at Amazon, but Gerry has some special offers on his website here: hopeforallfellowship.com/ , so if you think you’d be interested in seeing those, be sure to go to his website first.

Blessings, Cindy


“If endless punishment were true, a loving God would have warned of it everywhere in the Bible. In fact, He would not restrict Himself to the Bible at all. He would supernaturally warn every single person on earth - whether in a dream, by revelation, through angels, or by whatever means is necessary” (Hope For All: Ten Reasons God’s Love Prevails, Gerry Beauchemin, 2018, 200 pg, p.152).