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How can we find wholeness in a broken world?


I will keep this as short as possible, but there are the two ordinary philosophies which center around A) Accommodate the brokenness or B) Defy the brokenness. The dark side of Philosophy A is that people can get too comfortable and attached to the brokenness and make an idol of a part, while the dark side of Philosophy of B is that one can fall into a dark nihilism that hates existence. On the metaphysical level, Philosophy A can fall into reductionistic dogmatism, while Philosophy B can fall into ontological Relativism.


Hi Joe
Interesting question.
Doesn’t the question itself imply a ‘Philosophy B’ mindset?
Should we devote time and energy trying to find wholeness in this world or simply accept that wholeness shall not be found this side of the grave? Does that amount to ‘accommodation’?


I dont know if this is wholly relevant, but I have found that there are two modes possible, where we can look at a particular suffering as something meaningful or a problem to be solved. I will admit that both are valid depending on the situation. Then the next matter is the problem solving approach, and how to approach fixing the problem. Sometimes certain approaches can become destructive, self righteous or violent.