How do you get over cruel or uncaring people?


Hi. I came to fully embrace Christian Universalism about 2 years ago. It gave me a new drive to be involved in the church that I never had before. I was always the guy sitting in the back pews who never really got involved much. Maybe it was laziness, maybe it was a fear of getting hurt. When I realized how great God’s love was, it made me want to serve Him more.

One of the things I came to learn the hard way however, is that just because someone calls themselves a Christian, or a Christian Universalist even, doesn’t mean they are going to be a kind, inclusive, and understanding person. I let my guard down too much and was hurt deeply by a Christian Universalist blogger online, who has verbally abused many people due to differences on political matters.

Then, when I confided in a friend about this situation, they completely ignored me. I poured my heart out about the situation, and got no response. This person was also a blogger, and a Christian Universalist writer.

I have come to deeply distrust bloggers, writers, and teachers in general. I have learned to run away from not only the cruel and unkind, but also the aloof and dismissive. They are not my people. I know I need to forgive and respect, but this is a tough lesson for me.

I don’t know why people who call themselves Christians can’t just be nice to each other. This was a major test of faith for me, as I know of no one else whose primary hurt in the church has been from other Christian Universalists. I attribute this partially to my years of just sitting in the back pews. I never got myself hurt because I never got involved.

I have decided it is not a sin to RUN AWAY from cruel or aloof people. Some comfort has been arrived at realizing the importance of focusing on the nice people, and allowing thoughts of them to take over the mind.

If you have a moment, could you say a prayer for me that I might overcome the negativity that I have experienced? Thank you!!


Prayers are done. Unfortunately, everything who claims to follow a faith…doesn’t always practice what they preach. And if they try to, you have to remember - we are fallen creatures. And trying our best, to implement what our clergy, faith, Bible and church (or any portion thereof) - teaches us.


If someone is unreasonable I find it best to ignore him/her.


Thank you. I appreciate your response.


Thank you. I appreciate your response!!


I know what you mean. I really do not like even reading most Christian literature on the Internet. Now there are a few that I like, such as Richard Rohr, Peter Kreeft, Fr. Robert Barron, N.T. Wright, Gregory Boyd, any C.S. Lewis experts, most universalists and book authors. I have found also that Christian authors are more Christlike than bloggers. I think that the reason is that authors are under higher accountability, where a blogger can write any junk they want.

Another thing I find is that the role of prophet is one very few are able to fulfill. Now I have found many in the non-Christian tradition who can be prophetic too, such as Ghandi, Jordan Peterson, Jonathan Haidt and Russell means. I find with most good prophets is they can speak about moral issues without being self righteous and can speak of justice in a universal and non-tribal way.

Now there are other people who I find are just trolling, mostly on youtube. I think that they are just disgruntled with religion in general, and just attempting to make religious people look horrible.


I can think of one person who would say they were a universalist and also had a reputation for being abusive to people they disagreed with politically - on the right and on the left. If it is who I am thinking of my personal opinion is that they had some sort of breakdown. Once again if my hunch is right, your political opinions are your own affair (and there is no reason for them to chime with mine) - but you can let go of what happened; it wasn’t personal. And remember that internet blogging is often very confrontational and people attracted to it will be confrontational even if you actually agree with them. I wish peace and rich blessings :slight_smile:


Thank you. I think one of the problems with being a Christian leader, pastor, teacher, writer, blogger, of any kind is sometimes the power however little goes to people’s heads. A little power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. “It shall not be so among you.”


Thank you for your kind words. They mean alot.