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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


No doubt you are correct, R. But the FACT still remains that De Niro said that- and, if you read the article , MOST of the audience rejoiced with him in his profundity.


Trudeau would never have done it if Trump hadn’t slapped a 25% tariff on steel. Why couldn’t Trump have continued the free trade arrangement between our two countries that has been going on for so long? The result of the two-way tariffs will result in each country not being to sell as many of their products as they had hitherto—thus loss of jobs.

Though that advisor’s line “special place in hell” is just stupid.

He apologized for his words.

By the way, though Trudeau is a liberal, most of the Canadian Conservatives are fully behind him for the way he talked to Trump.


Good! Perhaps something good will come out of it, that evens the trade balance a bit, and frees up poor dowtrodden taxpayers like me and everyone I know, to some extent.
(‘Downtrodden’ was perhaps a bit schmaltzy ;-))


No one likes Mr Trump. Except the down trodden and the working stiffs… It makes you wonder how a billionaire turned politician might well be the prophet of the middle class. He may well have used and understands working people, those who work 40-50-60 hours a week to make it happen.

A Thought.


There are millions who like Mr. Trump, and thousands who almost adore him! No use presenting news articles that describe some of his poor decisions. That is dismissed as “false news” concocted by the leftists.

Much as I have problems with President Trump and many of his words and decisions, I am most positively and highly impressed by his meeting with the leader of North Korea, and getting him to agree to dismantle his nuclear program. That seems like a minor miracle to me, when you consider how each of them threatened to destroy the other not too long ago. I was certain that my own prediction would materialize—that Trump would touch off a nuclear war with North Korea. I see that he has now prevented nuclear war with them and in a BIG WAY! Again, I am amazed! Thunderstruck! Delighted!

Looks like the “unqualified” president has just qualified himself—at least in THIS arena.


I hope you are right, Don!


I hope so too. But recently I have been reading some people who declare that the North Korean leader simply deceived Mr. Trump. He still has his complete arsenal, and according to what these people think, he will not give it up, but has deceived Trump with empty promises.


Whether it’s Jong-un or Kardashian… Trump just can’t say no to “Kim” :rofl:


That is rough.:smile:



From Leia Klinger: "The Small Business Optimism Index continued its impressive run in May, climbing to the second-highest level in history with small businesses reporting great numbers in several key areas.
The index rose by three points to 107.8 in May, while tax cuts and regulatory changes contributed to increased compensation, positive earnings and sales trends.
“Main Street optimism is on a stratospheric trajectory thanks to recent tax cuts and regulatory changes. For years, owners have continuously signaled that when taxes and regulations ease, earnings and employee compensation increase,” said National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) President and CEO Juanita Duggan.
The May report included several record-setting data points. Employee compensation increases hit a 45-year high at a record net 35%, positive earnings trends reached a survey high at a net 3%, positive sales trends are at the highest level since 1995 and expansion plans are the most robust in survey history.
A net 19% of small business owners noted that they are planning price increases, the highest level since 2008 while a net 3% reported positive profit trends, the best reading in the survey’s history.
“Small business owners are continuing an 18-month streak of unprecedented optimism which is leading to more hiring and raising wages,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “While they continue to face challenges in hiring qualified workers, they now have more resources to commit to attracting candidates.”

HOUSE MINORITY LEADER NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: Hip-hip-hooray, unemployment is down, what does that mean to me in my life? I need a bigger paycheck. This isn’t just about the unemployment rate, it’s about wages rising in our country, so that consumer confidence is restored.


So will Super Trump and the Republicans, SAVE us from any tribulation and Zombie Apocalypse???


That’s already been accomplished! Haven’t you been reading the other threads??:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Trump supporters whom I have personally met, stand behind him and justify his every action, no matter how cruel or foolish. For over 150 years there have been excellent relations between Canadians and U.S. citizens. But now (according to Trump) we Canadians are treating our neighbours to the South “horribly”.

Also, we Canadians are accustomed to smuggling goods across the border.

And, of course, any news source that reports ANYTHING negative about Trump, is “false news.”


That is just a ridiculous statement, Don.


Not so ridiculous, Dave. I live near a Trump supporter. Every news article I share with that supporter that makes Trump look bad, is either justified by that person or dismissed as “false news.”


That’s one supporter. Your quote leads one to believe that all - or even a majority - of T supporters are that stupid. I think you should change your statement to say a T supporter you know - don’t throw us all under the moose!


You are basically right, Dave. I have altered my post. However, I don’t base my thoughts on a single supporter. So I have changed my statement to “supporters whom I have personally met”.


I have no doubt that T, like all public figures, has deranged followers and even more deranged detractors.

However, the economy is doing VERY well under T.


Yeh. Not much wonder considering the big tariffs he’s slapped on to U.S. goods. And as long as he keeps an eye on those Canadians who buy boots in the U.S.A. and then muddy them up a bit, and smuggle them into Canada.