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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


This BBC article today, might fit in well here - and give us hope!

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.”-- Eleanor Roosevelt

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” - Mark Twain


I do love me a good speculation theory, but time travel, fun as it would be, probably ain’t gonna happen.
Eating a frog every morning, is possible. Add Brussell sprouts and stir-fry.


Not only probably ain’t gonna happen but certainly ain’t gonna happen!

Suppose you could time-travel to the first year after you were born. Are you going to meet your one-year old self? Or if you time-travel to yesterday. Will you meet an almost exact self as you are now. Or suppose suppose someone time-travels to the first year after you were born and kills you. Will you then go out of existence? Will it be the case that you never lived after your first year of life?

No, time-travel is self-contradictory, and therefore impossible.


Time-travel is only possible forwards… in terms of light-speed type travel the faster one goes the slower one ages. So if you left point A and travelled wherever accordingly and then returned to point A at logically a future point more earth time will have elapsed than the time spent travelling forward — thus those on earth will have aged as per usual but you will have aged at a given rate much slower than they and thus technically be younger in comparison to those you have returned to at point A at that future point; so goes one theory.


I understand that, Davo. It is consistent with Einstein’s theory or relativity. But the fact of comparatively slower aging cannot be appropriately labelled, “Time travel.”


I saw this on the BBC website today. Wow! Talk about US jury case settlements! And for one person, mind you!

Question. Isn’t that what Trump is approximately worth?


This might change my attitude a bit.Seems a little over the top (so to speak)


Trump’s total disgust with his own US Intelligence Agencies and his unabashed fawning of Putin is interesting… one wonders how his supporters swallow this — probably still, hook-line-and-sinker. As has been previously stated… “Well we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?


Hum! The radio news says BOTH Republicans and Democrats, were SHOCKED…When Trump believed Putin’s denial of election meddling…Putin also denies any Russian involvement, in Russian poisoning on English soil…And Putin went home, to praise and acclaim - following the meeting.

I wonder. If Putin had some oceanfront property in Arizona…And threw in the Golden Gate bridge for free…would Trump buy it???


“But really, did anyone really expect him to declare the Russian leader a liar on global TV? What would have been the point of traveling to Helsinki and arranging a summit between the world’s two biggest nuclear powers, only to scuttle the chance at a new and improved relationship? It wasn’t going to happen, and in fact Trump hinted at that beforehand, when he told reporters not to expect “a Perry Mason” moment.” - Liz Peek

The fact that the press are wetting their pants is nothing new, of course, that is all they can do since they have not one constructive thing to do - and with the elections coming up, we’ll hear more and more shrill banshee-wailing from the Lefties every time the Donald blows his nose.
So - he did not do what was expected of him, which was to bring antagonisms to a higher pitch by trying to embarass Putin on TV. I think that was smart - let Chris Wallace ask those questions.


Oh, No! I just saw this item, on the BBC website. Will wonders never cease?

In the meantime, I’ll wrestle with this…from today’s Patheos Catholic newsletter:


Good reasons for saying Trump is doing the right thing with Russia. Actual reasons, not the hacking-up-a-fur-ball derangement syndrome of the far left.


Yeah!? …and who knows what that is given out of one side of his mouth he firmly affirms Putin’s strong and powerful denials BUT THEN out of the other side of his mouth he finally agrees with the assessment of your Intelligence Agencies that the Russians were running interference — Trump is an utter JOKE and all but his acolytes can see it; even the bulk of the GOP sees it and moans with hand-slaps to forehead! :roll_eyes:


Trump Derangement Syndrome - you need to take a pill and stop drinking the kool-aid. You know almost nothing about this, obviously. Sad, for an otherwise pretty smart guy.

Did you even READ that article? Or is your blind animosity so firmly set that any balanced considerations are obviously false?


You seriously don’t want me to put up some youtubes PROVING the point do you?… or are you gonna spin the line that they’re ALL “fake news” and doctored


Come back to earth, davo, there may be help for you yet.





Is that what this is about? - that I used that can o’ worms when HT asked a bunch of questions on another thread?
I only meant by that, that we had gone over all those things almost ad nauseum for the past month, so re-opening it on another thread seemed like a bad idea.
I’m not calling Pantelism a can of worms at all. But the discussions certainly deflected into many directions.


No no no no Dave… I don’t mind what you think of pantelism, seriously! I just thought I’d have a laugh at you sharing your pic given your “reaction” above — I’m an aussie… I’m pulling ya chain :wink:


Well dang, it has been well and truly pulled! :rofl: