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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Tragic mass shooting in NZ. I hope New Zealaners are wiser than Americans and crack down on gun ownership.


Yes very sad and still at this moment an active situation… it seems two mosques have been shot up and some reports saying near 30 fatalities atm. A terrible hate crime/terror attack. NZ like Australia don’t have a gun culture, only cops and military are armed.

UPDATE: at least 4 terrorist/criminal perpetrators have been apprehended with at least one being an Australian citizen living in NZ. They are apparently part of an alt-right Muslim-hating extremist group — bad, sad and shameful.


Here’s the latest from the BBC today:

There are more stories about this at:

Among other pertinent stories - like this one!

Since I am exploring Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism (where I will finally settle on one)…and Eastern Orthodoxy has vegan fasts…I found this article today. And I am a Flexitarian, by the way!:

Perhaps we also need to bypass, centuries of tradition - and years of training - for becoming a REAL, Native American shaman or medicine person. Someone stirred me today, for the solution. The Craigslist shaman.

And I joined a Facebook Zen group this week. You had to answer the question:

What does Zen mean to you?

I answered:

Nothing and everything!

And they let me in!

Note: If one is exploring plant based sacraments and medicines…I would advise finding a REAL Native American shaman or medicine person…who follows centuries of tradition and years of training. And has a solid, ethical foundation. And for the record, such ceremonies last all night. And I can neither confirm - nor deny - whether I have ever partaken of plant based sacraments…under the context of a REAL, Native American ceremony. But here’s the Claigslist shaman solution.

And here’s a short historical video, on wild west gunfights.


Just ordered this:

By presenting the key economic ideas of Major Clifford Hugh Douglas (1879-1952) in a clear, systematic, and comprehensive fashion, this work constitutes an academic standard of reference for those who wish to obtain a more advanced understanding of Social Credit economics. It is divided into three parts covering Douglas’ diagnosis regarding the nature and cause of economic dysfunction in the modern, industrialized world, his prognosis, including an evaluation of the conventional methods of macroeconomic management, and, finally, his remedial principles and proposals. Just as Douglas’ analysis goes to the very heart of what is structurally wrong with the financial and economic systems of contemporary civilization, “Social Credit Economics” effectively captures and distills the essence of his economic thought, rendering it more easily accessible to the broadly educated and reflective reader.

A review:

There have been many books written about Social Credit but NONE has provided such a comprehensive investigation into every aspect that its father CH Douglas articulated, and then framed them in the context of the 21st century. When you consider that we are fast approaching total industrial automation with 3-D printing for on-demand manufacturing, computer-aided software to replace our professionals (i.e. lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc.) and even robots to flip burgers at McDonalds, how will people be able to “make a living” without a job? I’ll tell you how; with social credit! Get this book and find out for yourself. Knowledge is power and the people perish for lack of knowledge. This is the Bible of Social Credit. This is knowledge EVERYBODY NEEDS!


The books appears to be a very comprehensive explanation of the Social Credit system of economics, Hollytree. I am glad you are interested. However, I doubt that any country will adopt it. There are very few people who even understand it.

To put it in a nutshell, most of the economic systems in the world are based on debt. When you borrow money from a bank, the bank doesn’t have the money to loan you. They are not permitted to load the depositors’ money. So if you want to borrow 10 thousand dollars, and the bank agrees to loan it to you, they just create the money on the spot, and indicate that the amount is in one of your accounts. So every Western country is deeply in debt. If every cent of money in Canada (or United States) were applied to the national debt, there wouldn’t be a cent of money in the country with which to purchase goods or services, and the country would still be deeply in debt.

But in a Social Credit system, money comes into existence as a credit instead of a debt. The amount of money in the country balances the value of the goods and services available.

Grenada, a British possession was once nearly in economic ruin. The adoption of the Social Credit system saved the economy.

Here is a synopsis of the Social Credit economic system:


Here are some Wiki and other articles. :

Is the Chinese system the same as what Paidion shared - with his link?

What is Social Credit?

Social Credit: economic democracy


“President Trump signed a new executive order on Tuesday aimed at decreasing the number of suicides and creating a task force of state and local groups to raise awareness of the crisis.” I think that is another good accomplishment.

As an aside, yesterday I tried an experiment with Google; the search engine has been accused of bias against conservative viewpoints.
I entered a search string with the words: “Lies that people say about Trump”.

I got 13 pages of results, and NOT ONE had an entry that addressed my question. There was no entry from a conservative person or website. In 13 pages, every single entry was pointing out lies that Trump supposedly told. (One entry was like: “3,100 lies Trump told in his first 2 months in office”. )
Draw your own conclusions - either noone has ever lied about Trump, or Google was not able to find that information, or Google CHOSE not to provide access to it.
Maybe that doesn’t bother people, but it is not fair or unbiased on Google’s part.


It’s called censorship, it’s well beyond bias!


I joined FaceBook a couple of weeks ago, just for the purpose of having access to ONE friend - MavPhil.
Now this is a true story - a week after I joined - and I had written nothing political or controversial on my page - I mentioned that I hoped ‘Zuck and the boyz’ wouldn’t shut me down if I mentioned my conservative leanings.
Later that night, my FB account was eliminated. I have been unable to find out why.
I THINK it’s because the MavPhil site is very political (pro-American), and I linked to it and mentioned FB censorship.
In any case, quite a coincidence in timing - or not.


They do have a complaint department, Dave. You just need to take a number.


Been there, done that. No joy!!
I’m thinking of hiring a couple of Z mercenaries to raid the joint and take hostages. Would give me some leverage. :slight_smile:


Vote with your feet (or fingers) and use something else.


Yep the only solution, I reckon.
I’ll probably use my fingers…


“I’m a capitalist. I don’t see how we’re able to meet any of the fundamental challenges that we have as a country without, in part, harnessing the power of the market,” ~~ Beto O’Rourke


The thing with the Dems is they are whatever gets them elected. They were for a barrier on the border when it suited them politically, Gillebrand supported the 2nd amendment when it suited her, & if Beto has to change to a socialist to get elected, he will be a socialist. In Texas Beto had to be a capitalist, we will see how long this sticks on the national stage running against Dem Socialists?


Whatever, Beto has always been a Capitalist and has worked with Republicans. He even receive a large donation from a Republican organization. His voting has always been moderate as well. People think he’s a hidden republican. The sociopathic Trump followers lie to support their Social Darwinism.


My twin passions in life have been the American free enterprise system and the U.S. Constitution. ~~ Texas Sen. Ted Cruz



It’s not the same as the Social Credit of China. It’s kind of like the Universal Basic Income of the Democratic presidential candidate Yang. They both speak of how machines and robots are taking over jobs. This is why malls, bookstores, etc. are shutting down. It’s because of computers and companies like Amazon who rely on machines or robots to do the work. In social credit everybody has a beneficial ownership in the real capital (machines and equipment) and are paid a national dividend on that capital. There’s a distribution that involves the beneficial ownership of real capital. The national dividend has a financing where a national credit office through monetary policy adjustments create the money and distribute it to everybody. The national dividend is a function of the economy’s productivity. Debt free credit is produced by filling the gap with state creations of debt free credit sufficient to fill the gap to avoid inflation. Since the gap can’t be filled unless the goods and services are being distributed to consumers the money needs to be injected to consumers directly or on their behalf.


NZ is banning assault rifles. I wish American politicians responded to mass shootings with more than prayers.


“At publishing time, the nation had continued to blame gun owners for any shooting that occurs in the United States, while absolving Planned Parenthood of killing millions upon millions of babies.”