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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Here are some Wiki and other articles. :

Is the Chinese system the same as what Paidion shared - with his link?

What is Social Credit?

Social Credit: economic democracy


“President Trump signed a new executive order on Tuesday aimed at decreasing the number of suicides and creating a task force of state and local groups to raise awareness of the crisis.” I think that is another good accomplishment.

As an aside, yesterday I tried an experiment with Google; the search engine has been accused of bias against conservative viewpoints.
I entered a search string with the words: “Lies that people say about Trump”.

I got 13 pages of results, and NOT ONE had an entry that addressed my question. There was no entry from a conservative person or website. In 13 pages, every single entry was pointing out lies that Trump supposedly told. (One entry was like: “3,100 lies Trump told in his first 2 months in office”. )
Draw your own conclusions - either noone has ever lied about Trump, or Google was not able to find that information, or Google CHOSE not to provide access to it.
Maybe that doesn’t bother people, but it is not fair or unbiased on Google’s part.


It’s called censorship, it’s well beyond bias!


I joined FaceBook a couple of weeks ago, just for the purpose of having access to ONE friend - MavPhil.
Now this is a true story - a week after I joined - and I had written nothing political or controversial on my page - I mentioned that I hoped ‘Zuck and the boyz’ wouldn’t shut me down if I mentioned my conservative leanings.
Later that night, my FB account was eliminated. I have been unable to find out why.
I THINK it’s because the MavPhil site is very political (pro-American), and I linked to it and mentioned FB censorship.
In any case, quite a coincidence in timing - or not.


They do have a complaint department, Dave. You just need to take a number.


Been there, done that. No joy!!
I’m thinking of hiring a couple of Z mercenaries to raid the joint and take hostages. Would give me some leverage. :slight_smile:


Vote with your feet (or fingers) and use something else.


Yep the only solution, I reckon.
I’ll probably use my fingers…


“I’m a capitalist. I don’t see how we’re able to meet any of the fundamental challenges that we have as a country without, in part, harnessing the power of the market,” ~~ Beto O’Rourke


The thing with the Dems is they are whatever gets them elected. They were for a barrier on the border when it suited them politically, Gillebrand supported the 2nd amendment when it suited her, & if Beto has to change to a socialist to get elected, he will be a socialist. In Texas Beto had to be a capitalist, we will see how long this sticks on the national stage running against Dem Socialists?


Whatever, Beto has always been a Capitalist and has worked with Republicans. He even receive a large donation from a Republican organization. His voting has always been moderate as well. People think he’s a hidden republican. The sociopathic Trump followers lie to support their Social Darwinism.


My twin passions in life have been the American free enterprise system and the U.S. Constitution. ~~ Texas Sen. Ted Cruz



It’s not the same as the Social Credit of China. It’s kind of like the Universal Basic Income of the Democratic presidential candidate Yang. They both speak of how machines and robots are taking over jobs. This is why malls, bookstores, etc. are shutting down. It’s because of computers and companies like Amazon who rely on machines or robots to do the work. In social credit everybody has a beneficial ownership in the real capital (machines and equipment) and are paid a national dividend on that capital. There’s a distribution that involves the beneficial ownership of real capital. The national dividend has a financing where a national credit office through monetary policy adjustments create the money and distribute it to everybody. The national dividend is a function of the economy’s productivity. Debt free credit is produced by filling the gap with state creations of debt free credit sufficient to fill the gap to avoid inflation. Since the gap can’t be filled unless the goods and services are being distributed to consumers the money needs to be injected to consumers directly or on their behalf.


NZ is banning assault rifles. I wish American politicians responded to mass shootings with more than prayers.


“At publishing time, the nation had continued to blame gun owners for any shooting that occurs in the United States, while absolving Planned Parenthood of killing millions upon millions of babies.”


Firearms are only a problem when in the hands of crazy people. The American way of an armed people, is the very vehicle that stops the spread of socialism, and or communism/Marxism.

Europeans don’t like it, but the fact remains that we here in the USA are so much more FREE than the rest of the world. And the fact is, is that we, the public, are a force to recon with. It is a good thing.:wink:

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Cool! Music, Maestro!


Part of the problem is that people are presumed to not be crazy when they purchase guns. So often it’s not known who is crazy until there are dead bodies on the ground. It’s not a risk worth taking IMO.


That’s not the point qaz. The bad guys who have the guns don’t go through screening AT ALL. Do YOU want to be at their mercy - say, MS-13?

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How To Live Under A Vindicated President?

“A cry is heard in Ramah–deep anguish and bitter weeping” (Jer 31 15).

The crying of Democrats can be heard all the way up here in Canada now that the US President has been exonerated from the crime of plotting with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

Now we need to hear the anguish of Liberals up here when Prime Minister Trudeau is charged and found guilty of real collusion.

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