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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper

It looks like the Democrats, are fighting among themselves. :crazy_face:

Oh, my gosh! Did I just use a cuss word - AKA Democrat? :crazy_face:

And here’s a story, about “moderate” Muslims. :crazy_face:

And Trump is attacking Apple. :crazy_face:

I still say if I ever entered politics (or became part of the Royal Family), I’ll be like this Middle Ages - son of a king. :crazy_face:


What’s up with Trump’s “good buddy”? :crazy_face:

And on a different front. :wink:

12 yrs old? Gads.

What’s going on in US politics? :crazy_face:

Outrage over 12-yr-olds on Epstein’s island and plane (which Bill Clinton, and Hillary knew nothing about, of course - they’re Clintons and above all that) but it’s only now that outrage toward Muslim grooming gangs is really being talked about. It’s been mentioned before, but the more info that comes in, the bigger our picture of what went on. Do we understand this, that thousands of young girls were raped, hooked on drugs, forced into prostitution - because authorities were afraid of Muslim retaliation?

quote - " And of course the reason why those authorities did nothing about the abuse of any of these girls was that virtually all of the perpetrators were Pakistani Muslims – or, in the parlance of the British media, “Asians” – and the cops, social workers, child-services officials, politicians, and others were scared of offending the Muslim community. The man responsible for Agoglia’s death, one Mohammed Yaqoob, was cleared of manslaughter charges. Meanwhile, the Telegraph reported that cops looking into the Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs were told by their superiors – who were driven by “fears over race relations,” concern about “sensitive community issues,” and a reluctance to amp up “community tensions” – to leave the Pakistanis alone and instead find and arrest rapists of “other ethnicities.” And they obeyed.

In other words, the story in Manchester is exactly the same as in all the other cities where grooming gangs have, after years or decades, finally been unearthed. Only the names are different (although the perpetrators are often named Muhammed). There is no reason to believe that things are any different in every other city in Britain. Almost certainly, in those cities that have yet to be hit by grooming-gang scandals, the fix is still in."

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Guess who?
She lied about being a Native American.
She lied about the circumstances surrounding her parents’ marriage.
She stole a New York Times recipe as her own for a cookbook put out by Native Americans.
She lied about being fired because she was pregnant.
She lies about her father having been a janitor.
She lied that her children never attended private schools.

Be careful what you say. :crazy_face:

How many pens does a person need? :crazy_face:

It’s tricky to isolate your spiritual from your political allegiances. For example, if Jesus is Lord, that means Caesar can’t be.

“Early Christians were persecuted for political reasons, not for religious reasons. As long as you pledged allegiance to Rome, Rome didn’t care about your ‘spiritual beliefs.’ The first Christians were called atheists because they did not offer the proper patriotic gestures to Rome and their gods. Think about that.” - Brian Zahn

So, let’s get after it Bob, What does God compel you to do and what view does politics have today in your view? In other words, how are your political and religious views affecting your day to day view.

I don’t see God is compelling me to do something political. What is he compelling you to do?

Well, if you think political is not appropriate, then what is appropriate? Your position is that if Jesus is Lord, Caesar can’t be. So what is appropriate, you are an interesting view…

I’d guess if Caesar is not Lord, it’s appropriate to retain a critical view toward the state and be willing to speak against political leadership when we believe it contradicts God’s character or ways.

No one is forcing anyone to read or post on this thread. Start another, if you don’t like this one. It is still a free country.

??? Who was feeling forced to post on this thread?


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The Supreme Leader speaks. :crazy_face:

And in the interest of “informative information”. :crazy_face:

And watch those Chinese drones, folks :crazy_face:

Have you considered becoming a stand up comedian? Of course Bob we don’t know this (except you) because they never actually tried subpoenaing these so called witnesses. They could have made an emergency application to the Supreme Court, but of course it was a national emergency and every day mattered, until it didn’t.

The charge for impeachment was “obstructing Congress” not justice, despite the fact Executive privilege has been used numerous times in the past & the Supreme Court accepted this case, so this charge itself is an abuse of power by Congress.
Second this “going public” directive i have never heard before but it falls way short of impeachable even if it were true.
Of course when Obama interferes with Israeli elections, that’s OK because he is a Democrat and they are not held to any standard of behavior.