How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


I’LL REPEAT No on has a problem with that as far as I am concerned. But Dave raises issues that are easy to sweep to the side until it arrives in your back yard so to speak. Forced or illegal entry is different than compassionate and legal citizenship.

Here is a news flash, Dave is right and here are other facts which are , where Islam goes violence follows. Not most muslims but to many and the overwhelmingly important distinction is that violence and conquest is the bedrock of Islam unlike any other religion. So it’s not about how many muslims are violent or non violent it’s that the religion itself is cancerous. The violence and conquest built into the Quran and Hadith is open ended and unending until Allah rules the world. That is the reality.


Worse than Vegas - and no guns.
Remember last year? No guns needed.

D. Greenburg:

If somebody really wants to kill a lot of people… they have options.

A large truck plowed into a crowd of people in the southern French of city of Nice on Thursday night, killing at least 84 people and leaving 18 in critical condition as the heavy vehicle mowed over its victims along hundreds of feet, according to police and government officials.

The scene in Nice was one of devastation, with the heavy-duty white truck stalled amid the bloodshed on the street, its windows smashed and riddled with bullets, from police gunfire.

“I saw bodies flying like bowling pins along its route. Heard noises, cries that I will never forget,” he wrote.

The Muslim terrorist attack killed 86 people and wounded 458. That’s a worse toll than the Vegas attack.

And it only happened last year.

**But the media is eager to forget about Muslim terrorist attacks and very eager to have a “national conversation” full of “common sense solutions” for abolishing the Bill of Rights. Unlike the travel ban which was a common sense solution that most Americans support.
The gun control argument is all about how guns are an unprecedented weapon of terror. And if someone wants to kill a lot of people, he just has to use a gun.

Not really. As the Nice attack, the Manchester Arena attack, the Boston Marathon bombing and 9/11 (and Oklahoma City, for the token non-Muslim terror attack) demonstrate.

Guns are a means. As are trucks and bombs.

(emphases are mine - DB)


I just read the articles in today’s newsletters from - both Catholic and Evangelical. And many are devoted to making sense, of the Los Vegas massicure. We are talking about a person, who’s a multi-millionaire. And there’s much we don’t know yet. IRIS, at least, I can understand. I understand their ideology. Naturally, I don’t agree with it. And I’m all for the good guys - owning guns. As long as they pass, the appropriate background checks.

ISIS I understand. Zombies I understand. But I don’t understand, folks like Stephen Paddock. Perhaps because not enough is known yet. Or yet released, because of the pending investigation.


Well this may be a bitter pill for any of you that hold the position of ‘no media bias’ ‘you cannot prove media bias’ etc.
Project Veritas strikes again!! … seph-klein


Is this another right wing article :question: Oh, know :exclamation: Left wing and right wing articles, will be what leads us - to the zombie apocalypse. I’m convinced of it. :frowning: :astonished: :open_mouth:


It’s more like - what’s that word again? - ah yes, FACTS. An interview with an important NYT staffer who did not know he was being filmed and recorded. TSK tsk. He spills the beans.
Maybe the beans don’t matter any more? Jonathan Gruber was filmed stating that the Obama Admin believed the American people were too stupid to understand what was being done to them with the ACA - that’s a Big Bean, but no hue and cry.

If you don’t read this, and later on claim, like so many have, that there is no ‘media’ bias, I can refer back to this, at least. If the ZA has not happened. :laughing:


All you mathematicians are racist!! … greenfield


But I don’t know any zombie, that is currently a mathematician. But they are certainly waiting, for us to give the signal - for the zombie apocalypse to begin. It’s closer than we think. :astonished: :open_mouth:


I am surprised that no one has yet made reference to the dramatic events which have taken place in United States in the last two days—events that expose Mr. Trump for who he really is.

Even Fox News, to which Trump supporters claim is about the only News that is not “fake” concerning Trump, has published an article entitled “Trump’s seagull management style makes mess of Senate.” Early in the article “seagull management” is defined as “That’s when somebody flies in, defecates on everything and then flies away.”

Fox News Article




I think you’d be surprised, Don. Even Fox News has more negative than positive press coverage for President Trump. There are a significant number of clearly left-leaning anchors/co-anchors and probably an equal number of right and left-leaning consultants. There are right-wingers as well, and then there are the straight-down-the-middle news people. Thus, a negative story by Fox News about President Trump isn’t actually much of an event. Just pointing this out.

Believe it or not, I spent a significant portion of the last couple days skimming this whole thread. It’s almost like listening to “The Way We Were.” The night of Donald Trump’s surprising victory seems so long, long ago–and yet not long at all. I remember. I was a mess, so afraid that Hillary Clinton would win (as ALL the news organizations predicted). I truly believe that a Clinton victory would have sealed the end to the Republic. Donald Trump is no knight in shining armor, but I thank God every day that he was the one we sent to the white house. He started out by divesting himself of control over his vast fortune, declined the presidential salary save the obligatory $1/year required as a minimum for most contracts. So did his family members working in the White House. So, if I remember correctly, have a number of his high-level staffers who had no need of the salary.

There was the “wire-tapping” scandal. As it turns out, DJT was right. Trump Tower was indeed surveiled. Not only that, but Obama’s administration surveiled a truly astonishing number of people who were in one way or another connected with DJT or his campaign. I believe there is now or soon will be an “INVESTIGATION,” whatever that really means. Unmasking and leaking the identities and private conversations of US citizens (to their detriment) without the required legal permissions has occurred. This is a felony. Surprisingly it was not done by Republicans or for Republican gain. It was apparently the upstanding, virtuous, lily white Obama administration’s work.

Then of course it was a constant drumbeat of RUSSIARUSSIARUSSIA. I watched it unfold. It started with unfounded allegations, was pushed forward by the infamous “dossier” that first saw the light of day at the hand of Senator John McCain. It was discredited almost instantly, with all agreeing the “information” contained within was nothing but spurious, scandalous, baseless, demonstrably false accusations. Nevertheless, this was the next step in the story being spun by the media. I’m serious–it was built on a fabric of lies that EVERYONE (individually taken) KNEW were lies. (Don’t ask me for links, Qaz; this is just my recollection.) Despite all this, there it tottered and grew–a house of nearly transparent cards wavering in the breaths of air but standing. After a while it began to look like a towering fortress of “facts.” I continually shook my head in wonder. “But there are no facts; there’s absolutely no evidence. In fact, there’s evidence AGAINST all this…” The MSM continued to tell their story, each time louder and more audacious and indeed more outrageous than the last. If you tell it enough times, people will begin to believe it. Well-known Marxist tactic, and it apparently is very popular with Democrats as well. Even President Jimmy Carter opined that the opposition of the press toward DJT was the worst he had ever witnessed. Wow! Someone forgot to give him the talking points, I guess.

While all this is going on, we have the smaller themes of Trump’s inauguration crowd size story (while he quietly sends forth the pipelines long held in check by President Obama, to the great ecological AND economic advantage of the nation), Trump’s “Muslim Travel Ban” which, despite his imprecise language, was neither a ban nor directed particularly at Muslims–but you’ve all discussed this at great length, and to be fair, no one had a problem with it when Obama decreed a very similar policy directed toward the exact same dysfunctional countries, so that potential immigrants/visitors could be properly vetted… Never mind. Activist judges usurping executive authority, the Supreme Court’s interim ‘ruling’ in favor of the president. The ongoing saga of the not-quite-republican house and senate “republicans” and their shock at having to actually DO something beyond just being ‘the party of “no”’.

The growing threat (and realization) of Islamic terror in Europe and the British Isles, the rage of the left with seas of “women” wearing “pussy hats” and screaming about what I never did figure out. They are (many of them) too young to have ever experienced an election in which they could vote and which they lost. It wasn’t supposed to happen that way! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! the primal screams raged against the brass heavens.

Antifa invaded college campuses, demanding the silencing of conservative voices, attacking a young woman with tear gas because of her MAGA hat, a crippled, aged veteran in a wheel chair, another old woman (pepper spray), carrying nail-studded clubs, threatening all who weren’t wearing Antifa black. They attacked Berkley–BERKLEY–their mother! I still don’t understand THAT one. Of all places the most friendly toward their cause of (I suppose) anarchy. A Muslim terrorist in France kills 80-some people at a Christmas market (how insensitive of them; they had it coming, I’m sure, attending a culturally offensive event like that) with a stolen truck. Terror spreads across Europe and blows up in a concert in Manchester–attended mostly by young girls. Rapes, murders, fear… Even here in the USA, there are smaller terrorist incidents. A man attacked people with a machete in a shopping mall in Minnesota–MN! That’s where we spent four months last summer–in Rochester while my husband underwent a bone marrow transplant. It seems very close to home. I now carry 100% of the time where not prohibited. So should you if it’s legal to do so where you live. I’m not joking. Not to protect yourself necessarily, but certainly to protect others.

I have to say. Add in Iran and NOKO to this toxic mixture and I would certainly not want to be the president of the USA just now at this time. DJT has his hands full. I do think in the circumstances and considering he is still new to the job, he is performing admirably.

No he is not perfect. On the other hand, he merely bragged in the obnoxious and offensive way of some men when he thought he was having a private conversation. He later apologized really quite abjectly imo (has Bill ever done THAT?) and when asked directly, denied having actually DONE the thing he had bragged about to his male companion. Oh yes, he’s been accused of plenty of things. That’s the only one I’ve seen with any credibility. I’ve seen plenty (some mentioned above) that were obvious lies (if you were paying attention to anyone in addition to Meeka or whatever her name is, and her ilk.)

I think that Father has put this man here for “such a time as this.” Instead of vilifying and hating and eagerly consuming every vile thing flung at him by those who hate him, perhaps we could (at least those of us in the USA) find it in our hearts to pray sincerely and often that God will work through him and even perhaps despite his own follies and faults, bring good through him to the people of this country (and of the world) who so badly need it. This world is in deep trouble. We don’t have time for fussing and fighting. I would love to see us all remember who our True King is, and petition the Father in His name as He taught us, to send the beautiful Spirit of Holiness to heal our land (you can think of this as all one person if that works better for you–God does not mind, I am certain.)

During the last eight years (which I personally found very traumatic and frightening), I reminded myself constantly that I am not so much a citizen of this world as of the next and that Jesus is my True King. For those of you now who feel about DJT as I felt then about BHO, keep that in mind as a comfort and trust GOD, not man, to bring about a favorable result. Jesus Christ is King–nothing can touch you except for your good and by His permission. Pray.


You hit the nail - on the head. The left won’t save you. The right won’t save you. In the world of motorcycle gangs (which I have read and heard about), there is a term called hang-around. A person who “hangs around” - is not a prospect or member. But someone who “hangs around”. So I consider myself a hang around - with various spiritual groups. I fully believe that Red Road or Native American spirituality (see Red Road Spirituality,, had an unwritten covenant with God - before the event of Christ. And God still speaks to them - in visions.

Well, as a hang around…I learn a lot of spiritual things - can protect us.

The relics of saints, from the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions.
The blessings of saints, from the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Sufi and Eastern traditions
The Holy Eucharist - when properly preformed
Wearing blessed objects (I have a cross blessed by the Roman Catholic church, saints from the East, and the altars - of Native American lodges I participated in.
The ceremonies and sacred pipe prayers - of the Native Americans
Participation in healing meditations and ceremonies (like those of Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Native American, the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, Japanese Johrei and Sukyo Mahikari).
The Holy Spirit

Like tonight, a Lakota elder is speaking - at the Theosophical Society. The lectures are free and streamed at 7 PM CST. And later recorded on YouTube. The website is But this part in the into is interesting:

Well, we will only know the truth of this - at the end of time. But the intuitive part is very interesting.

Just a footnote. I believe God fully speaks - through the Gospel (either EO, RC or Protestant). And through the mainline Christian churches. But God also speaks - through other outlets (like some I’ve mentioned here). And God extents healing, protection and blessing - through these outlets.

And no matter what the world says - regarding Donald Trump. In my book, he’s as every bit a solid leader…As Rupus T. Firefly was for Freedonia - in Duck Soup (see, for example). :wink:

I just hope the world wises up, before the zombie apocalypse happens. After watching AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead, we really wouldn’t want to be around - if the TV version, is true to life. :slight_smile:


Is anyone suggesting that it will??? Republicans in the senate, after TRYING to get Trump to act reasonably and having found it impossible to do so, are either keeping quiet biting their nails, or else speaking up as several in the senate have done.

The dignified, rational man, Bob Corker, voted for Trump and did his best for him—to no avail. Finally, he resigned his position, but Trump falsely claims that he fired Corker. I invite you to listen to this Bob being interviewed (just before the senate lunch), who states the facts in a quiet manner.


Randy isn’t suggesting indirectly that lefties think the left will save us, Don. IMO, he IS something of a lefty, though he would probably disagree. He’s also an American citizen. He and I have our disagreements, but at least he has a personal stake in these matters. Non residents are free to weigh in of course, but it might be best to refrain from any appearance of scolding.

Bob Corker and Jeff Flake can give whatever reasons they like for choosing not to run for re-election. What the rest of us see is that they have scant chance of being chosen by the voters of their respective states (Tennessee, Arizona). Corker (among many other things) essentially told the president to mind his own business regarding tax reform. During the health care debate, the president stood back, promoting but not attempting to guide the legislators. He was bitterly criticized for not involving himself in what he sees as the job of the legislators. So this time, he is being more proactive. He is being bitterly criticized (often by the same people) for involving himself. It truly does not matter what he does; SOMEONE will use it to try to hang him.

Neither Corker nor Flake have been fans of the president (while nevertheless voting for most of his agenda items). They haven’t been shy about proclaiming their disapproval. Jeff Flake even wrote a negative book (which I’m given to understand was a real scorcher) about Trump while never having met or spoken to him–before the election. Conventional opinion says that this anti-Trump sentiment is the reason these senators’ popularity in their home states has waned so drastically.

I swear–I believe so many people just uncritically accept and believe anything they hear on the news that they agree with–that pleases them. Fox shows complete uncensored interviews, complete (within reason) legislative speeches. They don’t ALWAYS play clips in context, but in most cases I have at one time or another seen the context. I have yet to catch them spinning by deceptive editing. I don’t absolutely trust them, but I feel that they, and perhaps some of the smaller internet media outlets are more honest than the legacy media.

Here is a link to the Harvard Study of media coverage of the Trump presidency:

Sorry for posting a link–but I feel it is more honest to allow you access to the entire article. I will summarize briefly by news outlet the tone of the coverage. Many other parameters are covered in the linked article.

Domestic News Outlets

CNN: 93% negative
NBC 93% negative
CBS 91% negative
New York Times 87% negative
Washington Post 83% negative
Wall Street Journal 70% negative
Fox 52% negative

European News Outlets

ARD 98% negative
Financial Times 84% negative
BBC 74% negative


Political wise, I’m an independent. I support all the values, that conservative evangelicals, Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox - hold dear. But I’m also an advocate, for universal health care. And I only get active in politics - via social media - if the AARP feels an issue is important (like health care for seniors).

What I’m saying is that no politician will save you. No system will save you. If that were so, we would find examples - in the Old and New Testament. However, what we see is examples of God saving the faithful. Same message that is preached today. Just turn on TV evangelist Joel Osteen - for example

Hillary vs Trump was like being caught, between a rock and a hard place. But my main concern with Trump, is he doesn’t listen to advisers (i.e. Mike Pence, his social media and public relations team, his speechwriters, etc.). There should be NO reason, why fellow republicans would speak out - again a republican president.

As far as media being bias against Trump - including international media. Perhaps they just don’t like him. He’s not “Mr. sunshine, lollipops and rainbows” (see song It’s like this old country song:

But I stop short of saying ANY republican is better than a democrat. Or vice versa. Most of the time, members of both parties - fall somewhere in the glorious middle, on issues and concerns.


Thoughtful essay. What is being called the ‘Paris Statement’ -


Hillary vs Trump was like being caught, between a rock and a hard place. But my main concern with Trump, is he doesn’t listen to advisers (i.e. Mike Pence, his social media and public relations team, his speechwriters, etc.). There should be NO reason, why fellow republicans would speak out - again a republican president.

Trump definitely listens to his generals and they have wiped out the ISIS Caliphate. Trump personally is very unappealing but his policies mostly are awesome IMO. Economic growth has doubled from Obama and every economic indicator is good and getting better after getting through 3 hurricanes. So Obama was suave,intellectual,sophisticated and persuasive but worse then ineffective and Trump often acts like a buffoon but his policies for the most part really rock!
Thanks but i’ll take the crazy man after all, it just might be a lunatic we’re looking for!


Oh, no. More right wing stuff - from Steve and David. I’m sure they will trigger - the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

Here’s an interesting article, in today’s Patheos newsletter:

God Bashes Fake News

But first, let’s have some mood music - from the zombie band. :laughing:


The article I linked to is not right wing, Randy, you zombie lover you.


Oh, no. More right wing stuff - from Steve and David. I’m sure they will trigger - the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

This is what it’s come to, economic growth is right wing stuff! Under Hillary we would have soon all be required to wear green pants suits to demonstrate our allegiance to the great Environmental goddess of the universe!