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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


But somehow the left is not seeing it. It seems they would rather expose themselves and their loved ones to the lunacy :roll_eyes:


I know, right? They have a pipe-dream of ‘no guns’ and that dream overrides the actual realities involved. We just cannot ignore reality.


Le’ts take a break from guns…and from the cold, US and Canadian weather today…and the hot weather in Australia…As I present a video, on the South Pole research station!


An assault rifle ban would only be a small part of any new sweeping gun law that could significantly reduce gun violence in the US. Most other high income countries have never had a culture of gun ownership for self defense. There are simply too many guns in the US. They’re too easy to obtain. To significantly reduce the US gun problem there would need to be a buyback at above market value and strict licensing requirements. If people are going to own a gun, they should be required to prove that they intend on using it for marksmanship competitions or hunting. As long as self defense remains the main excuse to buy a gun in the US, Americans will tragically be 7x more likely to die violently than people in other high income countries.


And that is why they are all socialist countries.


I’m not sure that folks need an ‘excuse’ to purchase a gun. It’s a right guaranteed by the constitution. No apologies are necessary to buy one.
And you know that the people passing the sweeping new law will have their own armed guards, right? And their kids will go to schools, private ones, that are heavily guarded by armed men?


And to cap that the second amendment is the very thing that makes the USA great. The understanding of the right to possess firearms is a fundamental right of US citizens.


I don’t think I can buy a gun here in Canada. That doesn’t concern me. What does concern me is the taking away of a parent’s right - and responsibility - to discipline their children.


Which countries do you think are socialist?


What schools politicians send their kids to doesn’t concern me. What concerns me is people getting murdered. As long as the US has such loose gun laws, more people are going to be murdered than there otherwise would. Guns make murder very convenient for the antisocial.


The problem you have QAZ is that you don’t understanding between honest law abiding gun owners and the freekin thugs.


I guess the only logic that follows, particularly so of Trump supporters, to… ‘make America great again’ simply means more guns for more citizens? More guns equals more deaths… but you guys already know this. It’s a shame but it’s getting to the stage where the frequency of your multiple gun related mass murders is becoming a bit “meh, they can’t be told” to the rest looking on.


Question. In the U.S. can a citizen legally walk around in public with a hand gun in their pocket or in a holster?


Hi David, your post seems to portray your ambivalence to the current POTUS but the second amendment argument is much deeper and fundamental to the American understanding of ‘liberty’.

No offence, but you just don’t get it.


Yes in certain states folks can carry either concealed or open with or without a permit. It will depend on the state and their laws.


Yep you got that right… and none taken.






So if I own a firearm you do understand that I can be a law abiding citizen and own a firearm?


Thank you. Are you saying also that they can’t in certain other states?

I am pretty sure that you would be arrested in Canada if you carried a hand gun in public.
And gun ownership requires registration. I live out in the countryside and have three rifles: (1) A 30-30, (2) an over and under .22 and .410 shot gun, and (3) a .22 semi-automatic.