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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


BUT you guys DO!! So it seems (going by the logic of this thread) those unfortunate and unarmed patrons at that movie theatre were likely leftist, socialist or communists… given such don’t like guns, apparently, and so likely taken out by some gun-lovin’ alt-right rogue nut-job.



Well, there are some things to consider - for the US

  • The NRA is a big lobby organization. And they have many Republican politicians, on their side. So regardless of your position on US gun ownership…it’s not going away - anytime soon. And neither is the second amendment. Same with recreational and medical Marijuana. More and more US states are getting on board. Regardless of our personal preferences.

  • There’s a big, black market on guns. Gang members don’t normally buy guns legally. And you can make guns, via a 3-D printer - for the techies among us.

So no matter what your position, guns, and pot are here to stay.

The same is not true for criminals, however, most of whom obtain their guns illegally.

As an aside, I can neither confirm nor deny… whether I have ever used weed or plant medicine.


But if one is going to use weed, then it should be done via a state (or country), where it is legal - medicinally and/or recreational. And one should only use plant medicine, under the ceremonial context… of legitimate Native American tribes or selected Brazilian churches…where it is legal in the US. And you will get proper guidance, for the right usage.

Now, back to guns.

Besides, a good arsenal is great for things like monsters, space aliens, vampires and zombies!



[quote=“DaveB, post:2183, topic:6062, full:true”]

“Well you follow closely behind davo, don’t you? You keep throwing out bad reasoning, over and over.”[/quote]

Well, my frequent challenges to Davo’s views have frustrated him at least as much as it irritates you when I differ from your positions. But that doesn’t mean I won’t affirm his positions when it appears to me that the data support it.

And as Davo knows, when in all my fallibility, I think someone keeps throwing in a lot of bad reasoning, I seek to throw it out :slight_smile:



My impression is that in many of our worst mass shootings (e.g. in Las Vegas and many of the sniper and ambush shootings), many good guys were armed, but risking hitting the innocent, and still unable to stop the shooter. In some cases, good guys who pulled their weapon to challenge the criminal have been shot by the poor police who enter a scene of cross-fire and have no way to know which are the good guys with a gun in their hand.

Obviously, in some cases, having more weapons present, would save lives, and good folk will sincerely differ as to whether on balance, having far more arms in America than other first world nations, is actually making us safer. The data leave me skeptical that it does.



When you love your enemies (those who hate you), pray for them,and do good to them, as Jesus taught, then they will no longer be your enemies. If you try to kill them, then they will try to kill you.



Yes Bob. A couple months ago there was a legally armed black man who drew his gun in self defense and was shot dead by police. I imagine struggles for life and death are pretty chaotic. Deciding in a split second who the “bad guy” is and is not leaves lots of room for errors in judgment. Even members of the military, who are trained in combat much more than the average couch commando, accidentally kill one another. “Friendly fire”.



Yep that is logical and makes sense, common sense. Here in Australia ONLY cops are allowed to go armed in public and anyone found to be carrying a firearm, or any weapon for that matter, WILL be detained and questioned and then possibly depending on circumstances maybe arrested and charged. There is latitude of course in terms more rural/farm situations, but even then folks just don’t normally wander around fully armed etc, and certainly NOT with semi-automatic gear — pardon the bad pun but semi-automatics are absolute overkill.



Heh! Heh! Semi-automatics are not semi-overkill eh?



The tax cut had very little benefit for billionaires but was actually mainly a corporate tax cut to cut the rate from 35% to 21% to make the USA competitive with most countries. It actually has worked and continues to work and will be more effective over time. Last month new jobs created were 304K way more then expected and wages are going up.



That is a bad scenario that is happening more frequently every day.



Who the hell is anon **********?

Dave is that you?

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These are the old posts of Dave B. I’m not sure what’s happening here, from a software perspective. It’s like when the rock artist Prince, had a dispute - with a former record label. He couldn’t use the name Prince. So he recorded under “the artist formerly known as Prince.” So anon is most likely, “the person formerly known as Dave B.”

And since I mentioned Prince:

And now, I must get back to watching - a Bruce Campbell movie! Please note! Bruce Campbell might use, a few cuss words - from time to time. But they pass Google’s YouTube standards! Be forewarned!



Hum! This is from the BBC today. We have the world’s richest man, accusing a respectable newspaper of blackmail. What is the world coming to?



Dave, No one here wants our negativity toward political views to lead you to disappear or go anonymous. My generalized critical questions about those within a particular political camp are not meant as personal assumptions about you.

In my estimation, no one on this board has made any more substantial contributions to the dialogue on this forum than you. We don’t need to have the same views or passions on everything to recognize that you are possessed of gracious and thoughtful character that we need on this forum.

All the best to you,



Amen. Please return, DaveB.

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I also wish Dave B would return. He can help me figure out things…like this Superhero question, someone asked on Quora today. And it wasn’t me!

If Magneto is surrounded by 100,000 zombies in an open grassy area with only 2 pennies in his pocket, what happens?

Or to discuss the merits, of BBC stories - like this one today:



Believe me, he’ll be back. You can take that to the bank.



As we deal with each other on this forum, just as we deal with folks we meet every day, WE ALL have places we need to be or not be. Thanks David. Looking forward to your return.

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Perhaps Dave B, is now saying this!

And pretty soon, we might see Dave - saying this! :slight_smile: