How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Why are you posting as to who should be allowed into the US :roll_eyes:


We need a theme song, to talk about “the wall”


By the way, who the Hell are you Padion, to say who should or not be allowed into the United States.


I, the Hell, MM, am a compassionate person who cares about needy refugees, no matter what the rich country is that will, or will not, let them in.

By the way my forum name is “Paidion” not “Padion.” Take a few seconds to learn that.



Thanks Paidion I’ll just get past this. You seem to be digging into a place that you have a hard time with… but the Idea that you continue to post that the USA should somehow just continue to allow folks to come across the boarder and somehow financially take care of them, is a big freaking NO WAY!


That was never my position. I have never suggested just open the border and let them in without vetting.
But there should, and could, be a way to process the genuine ones and bring them in. I didn’t suggest “financially taking care of them,” perhaps initially, but not permanently. After getting established, they would obtain jobs or positions the same as everyone else.


Ut ohhh the leftist Don, has just stumbled :roll_eyes: Don, you can’t imagine the place where the USA is at today, being a Canadian. Your Idea of not letting in anyone without vetting is unfortunately for you Mr Trumps whole idea. That is what he and everyone has been saying.


I haven’t stumbled in the least. I have maintained the position that I held from the beginning. How can that have been Mr. Trump’s idea? He has taken no steps whatever to see that vetting is possible for these refugees. Rather he just wants to build a wall and keep 'em all out.



where do you get this from?


That is an untrue statement. Trump has repeatedly stated, and as recently as the state of the union address, that the US will welcome immigrants, provided they come in by the established methods which, to my way of thinking, is perfectly reasonable and considerate to those who are patiently waiting their turn having applied through the proper channels. It is also fair to ensure that “refugees” are legitimately genuine refugees.

Btw, the US took in at least seven times more Vietnamese refugees than did Canada.


No wonder. Mr. Trump was not president at the time. Had he been president, I suspect the number would have been zero.


Does your hatred of the man really run that far?


I have no hatred for the man—only disappointment.

I think the number would have been zero, since he would have considered the refugees to be a danger to the security of the United States.


Can’t we all be friends…


True Socialism (as i understand it) is when the govt controls the means of production for either all industry or at least critical industries. There are many hybrid countries like Sweden,Denmark,Canada & South Korea but Cuba and Venezuela would be true socialist countries. The hybrid countries use Capitalism to pay for the big welfare states.


We truly live in a crazy time when wanting legal immigration which now requires a physical barrier , gets you labeled a racist. It’s unexplainable to me how normally clear thinking people rationalize this. Unless of course it’s for political gain?


Was a physical barrier required during the Vietnamese refugee crisis? No. All that was required was the machinery for the vetting process.

So why is a physical barrier presumed to be required between Mexico and the U.S.A.? Why not set up a governmental station at the border, and take refugees in with the aim of bringing them through the process and become legal immigrants? If there are so many that some will try to sneak through, there could be a large number of guards present who could direct them to the vetting station.

The unnecessary high cost of such a wall is ludicrous!