How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


I would respectfully suggest, Paidion, that the “pictures” you seem to delight to post convey volumes about your “position”. Presumably, that was your intention.


Thank you for your respectful suggestion. But the pictures convey nothing about my position. A former director of education in my district when I was a teacher and with whom I became friends, sent me all of those pictures in a single email. I just thought I’d share them with you all—one by one to make of them what you will.

I think I understand what you have made of them Invernessian. You have presumed that I posted them out of hate for Trump. You have already accused me of that. All I can say is that you are wrong. Again, I do not hate Trump. I am just deeply disappointed in his decisions. I think them very unwise.

In any case, I will cease to post any more of the pictures (mainly because I have nearly exhausted them).
And I wish you well!


Davo may have more pictures :wink: It does seem that most non-Americans share the sense of disquiet that we American partisans whom Trump turns off sense. In much travel the last three decades in Latin America, Europe, Canada, and the Middle East, I’d have to say that I’ve never received so many questions of amazement about American voters as I have the past couple years.


Hi, Bob. I’m curious what took you, to those places. Vacation? Something else?


Yes, mostly it has been the love of travel and the enlightening adventure my wife and I find in being on the road. I did retire 21 years ago to live cheaply in a van camper at age 51, which allowed both times and funds for travel. A partial exception is that we spend a couple weeks in Canada each summer, mostly taking exegesis classes at Regent College, I led 5 pastoral trips to the Holy land and Middle East, and I had a daughter missionary in Turkey for 4 years, and thus spent a number of months visiting that Muslim context.


That is truly classic.:grin:


Sorry Don, you do despise him… And don’t give the Christian so called understanding and forgiveness, if that was true, you wouldn’t be be posting the way you are. Leftist’s are leftist’s no matter how you slice them. :wink:


The cost is virtually immaterial, 18 billion compared to an annual budget taking in 2 trillion is immaterial.
I think many people have said this, but simply because folks want to come in is not a reason the USA is obligated to accept everyone who want to immigrate.
It is estimated that 180 million folks from south of our border would like to come in and if we allow everyone in then perhaps tens of millions of Africans will come across the Atlantic in wooden boats expecting America to welcome them and support and feed and cloth and educate them at the expense of the resources of Americans.

Paidion i suggest Canada first invites the 180 million in from south of America’s border and then the few 100 million from Africa and let us see how it works out in Canada, since you are convinced it is something America should do. Being a mathematics kind of guy perhaps you can discern the distinction between a few thousand Vietnamese verses millions of potential immigrants? So far this difference has not elicited any response from you, but all things are still possible.


Trump’s Clash With Media (which offer “False News”)


Verses? Did they compose poetry?


Of course, what else?


The problem with you Don is you ‘LIKE’ this sort of exchange. The president is the president. There needs to be some decorum.


Maybe with the “sort of exchanges” you DON’T like, it’s better not to exchange. Trying to get reverent decorum toward politicians who you prefer can be a hopeless enterprise.


That is true, but the fact that so many don’t like Mr. Trump because he is ‘not acting presidential’ are in and of it self a problem with the moving of society. Many continue to hold ‘memes’ above facts. And until this addressed by realistic citizens, we might well have a problem down the line. Bob, I agree with much of what you say and disagree with much. But the fact that I disagree with you and some of your stances, will not make me go out to the streets and cause chaos, There are many who will go to ANY LENGTH to cause trouble to those they oppose.

This is decorum.

The socialist view at least here in America has been to disrupt, disrupt, disrupt, and if you see it different I welcome your comment, but the fact is both sides are at this point not playing by the same rules, and as a general observation to the leftists, I wonder how it will look when the right leaning folks start to use the same tactics…

But this is obviously just an observation I have.


Well,l I perceive that your bias that the “fact” is that we who are your political opponents (we “leftist” “socialists” “no matter how you slice them”) are the unfair problem who “disrupt” your goals, and “cause problems(!) to those they oppose,” as what has always been true in politics (especially when the other side’s in office). And of course they see you the same way and tend to return the favor. But I’m glad you seek decorum.


Actually, you don’t see my bias… I lean toward progressive ideas, and enjoy the left of center understanding, but my problem is with those who oppose Mr Trump strictly on the basis of they don’t like the way he sounds, or the fact that he may be a womanizer or the idea that he has business interests. These are all things that politicians have all done, both Democratic and Republican. My conservatism comes in when we talk about real life stuff… Economy, keeping our country safe, allowing (should we) immigrants access to our country without being properly vetted. The difference between the lefts ‘idealism’ and the rights ‘conservatism’ is basically pragmatism. The left has no leg to stand on other than ‘principle’, and the right has no way to turn other than what has worked. Both are being stubborn, but that is the way of politics.


IMHO “the lefts” politics is their religion and arguing common sense things like history or statistics or logic has no impact on them as they simply go by blind faith that Socialism will work out here although it’s track record is hell on earth. They use Trump as their Satan figure to motivate the faithful with religious fervor. To me the “left” here in America are the new Puritans who plan to cleanse America from the evil Capitalists.


It’s reassuring to know that you guys actually “enjoy the left of center understanding,” and only push “conservatism when we talk about real life stuff.” I may need to try harder to keep “principle” and “leaning toward progressive ideas” separate from the pesky real world :wink:


Especially when the likes of Mark Tapson reckon… “Inside every Progressive is a Totalitarian screaming to get out.


I can’t help but wonder…where there’s a link,between whether we follow conservatism or liberalism…and the end of days, with the zombies from Z-Hell ( 1, 2, 3)? Perhaps Trump is here, to save the day?