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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


Hum. It says the constitution saves us. WIll it save us also, from the tribulation and the Zombie Apocalypse :question:


Well actually, the intent was to say that the constitution would be effective (and has been mostly) in reigning in human beings and giving us the best chance at keeping our freedom. IF it is kept by a community of good-willed oeiole.

More importantly, we NEED another amendment to the constitution to cover the rights of Zombies. RANDY - why don’t you draft such an amendment - that would be fun!!


For those of you who appreciate fine music… with a touch of madness :laughing:


Tha’t’s interesting. James Taylor is an Oprah fan. And James’ long hair. That must be a wig. :laughing:

Here’s how to REALLY run the presidency. :laughing:


More good news! Of course, as usual, Trump had nothing to do with this happening, because he is Satan. Nevertheless, this is good news!

"Without great fanfare and out of the glare of the media spotlight, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is making enormous progress under the Trump administration in approving new medications to help us live healthier and longer.

In fact, the FDA today is operating more efficiently and effectively than it has in the past 20 years. This is good news for us all, because undoubtedly some of us will benefit from the new drugs being approved more rapidly than before.

Among its many duties, the FDA regulates medical innovation and the creation of new therapies in the biotech sector. Remarkably, the agency increased the number of new drugs it allowed on the market by 20 percent in 2017 – an unprecedented increase.

Take, for example, Roche’s new multiple sclerosis drug Ocrevus. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, inflammatory autoimmune disease that disturbs communication between the brain and the rest of the body, affecting 2.5 million Americans. The approval of Ocrevus in March provided great hope for those suffering from the most debilitating forms of the disease.

We’ve also seen an influx of cancer immunotherapy drugs to stimulate the body’s own immune system to attack cancer cells. These drugs are used in place of classic chemotherapy and radiation cocktails that can have unwanted and lasting side effects. Many of the world’s leading cancer doctors consider immunotherapy to be the future of cancer treatment, and there is a lot of research now to backup those theories.

New FDA chief wants to bring prescription costs down
As a practicing doctor for over 30 years, I have witnessed firsthand the speed and intensity with which other countries – especially in Europe – were outpacing the United States when it came to making often life-saving drugs available to patients. Plagued by a lack of leadership and an embedded bureaucracy that did not allow for expedited reviews, the FDA has for decades been lagging.

That’s why I think President Trump’s appointment of Scott Gottlieb as commissioner of the FDA was quite brilliant, paving the way for progress.

Under Gottlieb, we are beginning to see an increase in competition that is expected to drive down drug prices, just as President Trump promised on the campaign trail. In addition, this new approach is creating incentives for researchers in the private sector to bring new therapies and improved therapies to the market.

And that’s something we can all get behind." - Dr. Manny Alvarez


More importantly, we NEED another amendment to the constitution to cover the rights of Zombies. RANDY - why don’t you draft such an amendment - that would be fun!!

The burning question really is, are Zombies covered by DACA???


Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhh…that was clever!! :laughing:


Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhh…that was clever!! :laughing:
All things bright and beautiful,

My wife always says “never encourage him” meaning me but you broke that rule so i have to come out of the closet finally!

I’m Marie and i lost 50 lbs on Nutrasystems!!


Oh noooooo

Marie did not lose $50, right?


I’m all for prescription drug prices going down. And I’m all for generics being available - at reasonable prices. But I - for one - don’t agree with prescription drugs, are the BEST solution. I’m all for medical doctors, doing their tests and stuff. And go to the hospital - for emergencies. But we have ancient medical traditions - Like traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and homeopathy. And we also have spiritual healing modalities - like they have, on the Native American red road. ALL these avenues should be used.

And my zombie friends, NEVER take prescription drugs - for some strange reason… And they have NEVER felt MORE ALIVE :wink:


That’s all very well if you have a cold or a sore back, Randy. There are actually quite a huge number of illnesses that Ayurveda, etc. cannot touch. I’m pretty sure no Ayurveda practitioner could have saved my husband’s life–but a Mayo Clinic doctor did just that, with the help of the bone marrow donor (my husband’s son–which a year earlier would have been considered impossible). It was the so-often vilified modern medical sciences that discovered this brand new treatment. Waiting around for some folk medicine cure would have been fatal. Don’t get me wrong. It’s great fun to read about these things, and fine to try them. Just don’t try it for the things that are likely to kill or permanently harm you. (Unless you’re already a zombie of course! Then as you will…)


Hi Cindy. I did say that emergency medicine is useful. And one should use it - in emergencies. And one should have all the medical tests needed.


I’m helping to edit a multi-volume homeopathic repertory. It’s a five-volume set and I’ve known the author - a long time. Many things have been treated - by this modality. Even after the traditional medicines failed. Listen to YouTube song
And I spent time with this saint and authors, from the book at
In another thread here on Theosophical Society videos, I mentioned a book by Quentin Young. The book is on Amazon at I have known him for years and have been to his lodges for years. He relates two stories, of a man and a boy - with terminal cancer. And they got permission to do a sacred pipe ceremony. In both cases, cancer disappeared after four days.
In another instant, I have spent many years - with Roman Catholic priest Father A. He has the gift of healing and hearing the voice of God. Now there is a female lady, at his healing masses. She had terminal brain cancer. All the traditional doctors said nothing can be done. And she went to a sacred Catholic site, where Mary supposed to have appeared. She was healed. And all the RC doctors - investigated this. And she now has, the gift of healing.

And that’s NOT excluding my research, into the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends ( Or Japanese healing modalities, of Sukyo Mahikar and Johrei.
See, I’m PRAGMATIC. The Native Americans - following the spiritual ways…They have no problem, going to the traditional doctors and hospitals. But they will also, take part in the spiritual ceremonies, prayer and consult the medicine men and women - in the Native tradition. Just as those who are Christian, would honor both the pipe and the Catholic mass.

And I would argue…if a person was using modalities like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and homeopathy - throughout their life. Then they would have statistically fewer incidents - of the serious diseases.

And there’s NO conflict, between the Red Road (Native American), Bruno Groening or Japanese light modalities…and the Christian faith. I know folks who are devote Roman Catholics and follow these healing ways.




Well, that’s EXACTLY what I have done. Field research, to see if the OLD healing modalities and spiritual ways…areas EFFECTIVE as the new ones. And they ARE.

But I’m also PRAGMATIC. Use the NEW ways. And use the OLD ways. There doesn’t have to be - a necessary conflict of interest.

Let’s run a simple test. The next time you have a health or other crisis…do what you NORMALLY do - medically and spiritually. But add this SIMPLE Fox Golden Key reflection at - to the mix.

Hum! I wonder what it’s harder, to convince folks of? The reality of spiritual healing and ancient healing modalities? Or the tribulation and the Zombie Apocalypse? :laughing:

Let’s dedicate a song to this. :laughing:


Now that the US government has “officially” shut down. Let’s dedicate a song, to getting them operational again. :laughing:

Footnote: I blame BOTH Democrats and Republicans - for this shutdown. If I’m alive during the tribulation and the Zombie Apocalypse…I’ll find some way, to direct a herd or swarm of zombies - towards the Washington capital. They deserve it. :wink:

Hum! I wonder if that would make me a terrorist :question: :wink:


I don’t think he actually mocked a disabled person. He made the same hand gestures for Ted Cruz or someone like that. Nevertheless, we will never know what his true intensions were.


Good short essay from Malcolm Pollack at Motus Mentis:


Well that’s scary as hell, Dave. One more reason we have to win and send the power back to the states where it belongs. :frowning:


Yep. Though that means I might have to leave Orygun, since the disease has spread up north to us from down below. :slight_smile:


Sadly, yes. And it’s such a beautiful state. Of course if you cross the mountains you can join all the people on the lee side in seceding from the state. Just come up with a more imaginative name than “New Oregon,” please! OR you could all get together and take back the coast. It shouldn’t be too hard once they figure out nearly all the wine is made on the other side. :laughing: