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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


I would be very interested, if we have any participants here who are from Germany or England (Britain?), whether they could take an unbiased and non-political look at this and give us their opinion. I’m not looking to trash any group, I am concerned with the factuality.
Dick - you may/may not want to get involved, it’s up to you. @Sobornost
Any others please chime in if you are ‘over there’ or know folks over there.


I can’t really get involved in this Dave - but out of curiosity I have followed the German data about migrants referred to in the Breitbart article which Ann Marie in turn refers to. The non-ethnic German immigrants in the statistics are broken down as follows -

‘‘The three main countries of origin of migrants are Turkey, Poland and the Russian Federation. A total of 6.3 million had their roots in the former guest worker candidate states, especially in Turkey, Italy and Greece.’’

So the 40% referred to is not by any means all Muslim :slight_smile:


I’m not sure I understand, there are more and more seniors entering the Social Security roll, and are deciding to take/accept SS at an earlier age. Much to the chagrin to the SS experts. :thinking:


Why are they taking SS, at an early age? What’s wrong with this picture and how can we fix it?

As an aside, here’s an interesting article - from the BBC today:


I definitely do not think this is an acceptable tradeoff for some more mining jobs.


Well, as long as we are sharing news stories. Here’s an interesting one, from the BBC news today.


All these kind of so called issues are a sideshow pushed by a media who hate every Republican since Reagan. What i’m interested in is economic growth of 4.1% more then double of anything Obama got and an unemployment rate of 3.9% plus deregulation plus energy self sufficiency. The US is an exporter of gas and oil , first time in decades.
Plus we are UNDERCUTTING Russia where it really matters by shipping natural gas to Poland & other Eastern European countries, things you never hear in the media.


“Now that we’re all on the same page, that it’s the act of foulest espionage to interfere with another country’s election, how about we agree that George Soros won’t interfere with anyone else’s election and Russia will stop interfering in ours?”

From an interview of Ann Coulter at Breitbart News labeled,

No Surprise If Russia Meddled, ‘Pay Back’s a B*tch’


Obama inherited an economy in shambles. Trump inherited a strong economy. You’re making an apples to oranges comparison. Trump’s deregulation means more problems in the long run (some of which we’re seeing already) because of a warmer climate, not to mention the negative effects of pollution on health.


Just inaccurate. Trump inherited a strong economy??? It couldn’t have been much worse, almost no growth for 8 years, never over 2%. This fairytale of Trump inheriting a strong economy is completely made up by the media. Democrats at this point are mostly anti Capitalism, they think with Socialism they will get tons of free stuff.


So your judging Trump by a quarter’s growth but Obama by annual growth. That’s completely intellectually dishonest. You realize that Obama had quarters of 4% growth, right? Another apples to oranges comparison.


Some of your response language is really inappropriate like “intellectually dishonest”? Why can’t we disagree without you using attack language?

No not only by a quarter’s growth but by many factors like the Federal Reserve (a conservative institution) projecting over 4% growth which is partly why they are raising interest rates. Many economic indicators are looking very good and trending well.


The problem with statistical measures, is that they sometimes go in cycles. If a cycle is good, then folks like Jerry Seinfeld could be president - and “turn the country around”. If it’s in a bad statistical cycle, then folks like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln - if alive - couldn’t “revive the dead”. Trump has the football. Let him play the game out - until it finishes. Then we can decide, if he was a “good” or “bad” football coach.




I called your comparison intellectually dishonest because that’s what it is. It’s not a matter of disagreement. You may think the economic benefits of increased fossil fuel use outweigh their cost. I do not. We can disagree on that. What’s intellectually dishonest is making an apples to oranges comparison to promote your view.

Time will tell if annual growth is 4%. As I’ve said before though, I don’t think the President has much effect on economic growth


Your conclusion that my comparison is “intellectually dishonest” is nothing more then your opinion. The fact that you represent “your opinion” as some kind of fact is what is dishonest. I started to give other reasons about 4% economic growth such as the Federal Reserve’s projection and the fact they have been raising interest rates in anticipation of such growth. They never raised interest rates under Obama because there never was a reason to do it. The Fed looks at hundreds of factors before taking action, much info the general public has no access to.


Absolutely i agree!! Let’s see how he does his job if it’s possible to let him do his job, but the Media wants to overturn an election.


Ironically Trump is called “fascist” and “Hitler” by the political “Left” but he has obeyed every court order no matter how ridiculous whereas Obama actually ignored some and Obama often chose not to enforce certain laws.


Well said!! The “left” wants to overturn an election by any means!


We now interrupt this important dialogue, to play some appropriate music - the Warpath

And be sure to contemplate the Zombie Apocalypse…as the theory indicating the most probable, end-times tribulation scenario