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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


There is some spinning going on here. Shame on the ‘spinners’ :roll_eyes:

First of all, there are some in the conversation who are outsiders… And the are some who will very seldom take a stand even if it was a 'freekin zombie attacking your mom.

Let’s just realize that there is flux in all aspects of life, religious, political, societal, and blah blah blah.

We can have fun but realize that this is all a moving target.

Love you all.


No spin on my part Chad as Dave affirmed exactly what I said…

Right from the horse’s mouth… :wink:

Well that’s much closer to the target Chad :smile:


Hey, Chad. Quit picking on the zombies. Some are close friends of mine. :blush:


That was no affirmation, kiddo. I probably should have spelled it for you, like, ‘so what if I was’?
Trump’s doing a great job imo. As such, I’m with him.


Please explain?


ok boyo!

I’ve never doubted you :slight_smile:

I was more having some fun than making some political statement.


Attaboy, stick with me and you’ll be just fine.



The prevention of needy refugees from entering the United States is the fault of Mr. Trump and his ultra-right wing dupes.


Yes, that and the will of the American people. I ask again - how many millions are YOU prepared to take? We’ve got 20 million, would be glad to share
By the way, Obama, Hillary, Schumer, - all voted for a wall 10 years ago. So it ain’t just Trump, Don.


If I were a younger man, I would take my share in order to get them onto their feet again. Indeed, that is exactly what I did with four different refugee families from South Vietnam who had to escape when the North Vietnamese conquered the South.

I was blessed this summer, when a young ten-year-old daughter from one of the families (now an adult with her own husband and children), travelled from her home in Toronto to my country place (where we had sponsored her family) in order to visit me. Even now, she was so thankful that she showered me with expensive gifts.


Is Canada, then, really so much more compassionate? Would the country take a few million more?
The country is not made up of individuals like you, unfortunately.

" Since the Democrats went to war against what they called, “family separation”, two migrant children have died. They did not die, as the media would have you believe, because border security is cruel, but because encouraging migrants to cross the desert with their children, as the media has done, is evil.

The outrage, the tears and fury over the policy of deterring illegal migrants from using children to force their way into this country was not compassionate. It did not help migrant children. It killed them.

The 8-year-old boy from Guatemala and the 7-year-old girl from Guatemala, who died earlier this month, are the casualties of their false compassion for children. The media would have its viewers, readers and listeners believe that its outrage was meant to save children. It was not. It was meant to take their lives.

The dead children are not the victims of an overworked Border Patrol that has been deliberately starved of the resources to do its job, because its job would limit the ability of Democrats to steal elections. They are the victims of abusive parents or caretakers, who are willing to use the lives of their children as tickets to get inside the United States, not to escape persecution, but to double or triple their incomes.
The deaths of these two children are already being used to argue for a further dismantling of border security that will lead to the flow of more illegal migrants and the deaths of more children.

This Cloward-Piven strategy for using children to kill immigration enforcement took off earlier with phony outrage over family separation by a political movement exploiting their suffering for votes. Now the strategy has fully matured by using not just the abuse of children, but their deaths, to perpetuate the abusive behaviors that led to their deaths.

The more children die, the more pressure there is to dismantle border security, and the more border security is dismantled, the more illegal migration will increase and the more children will die.

The Democrat war on border security is being lubricated with the deaths of children." - Daniel Greenfield


I’m all in favor, of taking in more zombie refugees! :smile:


Maybe this guy might also show up!


I thought, actually, that Zombie refugees would like to kill us and eat various parts? Are you volunteering to be one of the eaten? That is VERY compassionate of you!!


No, Dave. They’re mainly friends of mine. I’ll tell them my good EU Forum friend, Dave…has lunch for them. And send them your way! :wink:


Canada wants them!!! Send them north!!! They won’t like Oregon - too much pot in the air. :slight_smile:


No country is compassionate. It’s the people in a country who are compassionate.

As for Canadians in general being willing to take in more, I do not know the answer to that. But I am sure there are many who would be more than willing to do so.

Bear in mind also that the population of Canada is only one tenth that of United States.


I heard some folks in Oregon…are planing to use zombies for compost, to grow weed! :wink:


Now THAT, my friend, would not surprise me!


There is never a coherent answer given to this question. It’s always theoretical but all these migrants have to cared for long after they arrive here, sometimes decades, sometimes for generations.
Again we have legal immigration to the tune of 1 million per year, these are additional illegal immigrants above and beyond legal immigration.
The resources allocated to these migrants would have gone to poor people here and our kids and grandkids yet Paidion and others just think we should indefinitely keep accepting the worlds migrants forever and if we object, it must be because we are Trump zombies! What did the Tin Man say in the Wizard of Oz?


Mere speculation!

The vast majority of Vietnamese refugees who came to Canada in the 70s, were on their own in a year or two.

I can’t remember which country it was, but the Vietnamese refugees there were temporarily placed on reserves. They were ecstatic! They wrote to friends in Canada saying how privileged they were to live on these reserves, and explained how they were planning their future independence.