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How To Live Under An Unqualified President by John Piper


There’s an interesting story, from the BBC news today:

Where does this lady, fit into the polls?


The Vietnamese who came in the 70s probably would have been murdered by the Communists if they didn’t escape so they were very motivated to be successful and probably were educated in Vietnam. Perhaps also they were not illegal immigrants so Canada was able to make arrangements for them before they arrived in Canada.
In America we have a million legal immigrants a year so AGAIN this is not an issue of immigration or not and it’s an issue of NUMBERS and sovereignty of a nation. Would you like unlimited numbers of uninvited visitors to come through your door?



This is what Democrats are shutting down our government for…

I thought Trump was in charge, i.e., he is the one who’s shutting down your government, not anyone else; he’s even EXPLICITLY said so and owned it…


Nice try, once again.
My point was the sanctuary cities, that are disregarding federal law, and protecting criminals over and over again that commit heinous crimes. ICE could not take action on these two, and then those 2 murdered people. That was the point. And Dems will not criticize sanctuary cities, but do in fact curse ICE and anyone who backs them up. .Had ICE been allowed to carry out the law, the people would still be alive. Fact.

Now as to your little ditty: Trump has made, since saying that, at least two counter-offers to the Dems, that would open up the government. They have said NO, and they have made NO counters to his offer. The reason? Trump wants the wall. The SAME DEMS who voted for it 10 years ago are NOW HOLDING UP the gov’t for purely political means. Trump has made offers in good faith

Who’s holding it up now?? I believe that if Trump promised the second coming if only the dems would build the wall, they still would not do it. They are determined to ruin him, and apparently the country. The lying weasels.


To tie into my above comment, will you ever admit, whoever you are, that the bias is huge and real? This is important because I’m convinced you are consistently being fed nothing but biased reporting. So I can’t blame you for being way off the mark - you only know what you are being fed.
New survey:

" according to research released Tuesday by the Media Research Center, a conservative press watchdog.

The new study of major broadcast coverage reveals that 90 percent of statements made by reporters and nonpartisan sources the last three months on ABC, NBC and CBS evening newscasts about Mr. Trump and his administration were negative.

It’s all in the numbers. The analysts found 1,123 out of 1,228 statements made about the president on the “Big Three” news networks during September, October and November were critical of Mr. Trump. Only 105 of the statements were considered positive in tone or content.

“As the Media Research Center has been documenting all year, the media have approached the Trump presidency with unrelenting hostility,” wrote Rich Noyes, director of research for the organization, which has found evidence of liberal bias against the White House in previous research this year.

“Even as the media whine about about Trump, their hostile coverage shows no let up. Our study of news in June, July and August found an identical rate of 91 percent negative coverage — which means TV news is unchanged in its hostility toward the president,” Mr. Noyes said."

Yes yes, the survey was done by a conservative press watchdog. Surprised? Who else would do that survey?


Yep fair enough… I was just providing indisputable evidence that the headline you deferred to above in favour of your argument is fundamentally NOT correct… as per the horses’ mouth.

Not only that, but if memory serves me correctly Trump is on record declaring, promising and guaranteeing HE was going to have Mexico pay for his wall… pretty sure there’s an election clip or two out there somewhere that could be provided if certain Trumpettes were a little short on an honest memory.


Well said, davo - your deep insights are not letting me down!
But thanks for agreeing with me on the Dems guilt in the sanctuary cities, and as a corollary, their guilt in not stopping the shutdown, after offers by Trump. Or do you not even get that?
Do you even get the news over there?


Sure do… I even believe Trump where he takes full responsibility for your shutdown and decides to blame no one else but himself; I believe Trump do you?..

Simple question Dave… in that clip does Trump declare that he and he alone will shut down your government and HE would not blame anyone else for his declared actions — YES or NO?


Geez - did you not hear the clip?
The fact is, he cannot do it alone. All he can do under our system is to threaten to veto a bill from the Dems, that did not include funds for the wall. He did threaten that, so the Dems have had a hissy-fit to try and dodge their culpability. It’s American politics. You have no idea.
Has Trump been making good-faith negotiating attempts that the Dems have turned down - resulting in the CONTINUANCE of the shutdown? Yea or nay?
Why can’t I get that answer? THEY are keeping us shutdown, over the same issue they voted FOR a few years back. Will you admit that?? Yes. NO?


Unless you think that clip is a spoof…

Simple question Dave… in that clip does Trump declare that he and he alone will shut down your government and HE would not blame anyone else for his declared actions — YES or NO?


Did you not hear it for yourself?
Now how about answering my questions? Why are you not focused on the REAL target here?
You do not have good information on this political struggle - all I can remember of you commenting on this thread is a regurgitation of Leftist spewing - I know both sides, but you have not had the chance, obviously, to be caught up, or you would be on ‘my’ side.


Actually, you are right, The Don wanted to own the shutdown, and then wanted to use it to demonize the Dems… But that is all politics, pure and simple. To think Trump is alone in that kind of rhetoric is kind of naïve… Though he does have a particularly irritating way of getting his point across.

Mr Obama was as smooth as silk when dealing with people and did some of the most destructive measures to the United States that have happened in Decades.:disappointed:


Chad, the problem is that davo uses this technique as his entire argument, without understanding the politics, he’s willing to say “Aha!!! Gotcha!!!” as if a battle has been won or something. If he EVER gave a balanced view on this stuff, I would take him seriously.

And of course he will say the same about me - but I actually DO know both sides.

" ‘You’re not getting the wall’: Chuck Schumer excoriates Trump in Senate floor speech as a government shutdown looms"
" * “Abandon your shutdown strategy. You’re not getting the wall today, next week, or on January 3 when Democrats take control of the House,” Schumer said.

  • If Congress does not pass and Trump does not sign a spending measure by midnight Friday, parts of the federal government will shut down."
    " Chuck Schumer to Trump: ‘If You Want to Open the Government, You Must Abandon the Wall’"


Thanks Chad… I can appreciate your honesty. :clap:


Dave, first of all Davo does not live in the USA. So don’t get all cranked up about the posts, but he has a point about the ‘image’ of Mr. Trump. And it is a point that we can either recognize or ignore. Things get done, but if certain people would have taken the ‘how to win friends and influence people’ method maybe a bit more could have been done. Please don’t think I know more than Mr Trump, but he seems to be a scrapper, and that is what it is.

My wife says that he is only in his element when he is fighting… And that is a bit of a troubling thought.:roll_eyes:




Yes she is spot on! Trump seems to prefer a boxing match to tranquility. But this is really a sideshow, the main issue is border security. The difference between a physical barrier whether a wall or fence is that one keeps the migrants out and hi tech security means we catch them after they get in which makes the whole process much more complex and expensive. The Dems have reversed their prior position for political expedience and power.


There isn’t a wall build…that will keep the zombies of Z-Hell (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) out!


I’ve been recovering from a painful tooth extraction and only now am trying to catch up with the last weeks’ discussions!

As an immigrant myself, I am grateful for the country (Canada) that accepted me and my family of six (back then) in the seventies. Also for the Christians who also welcomed us and helped us with the adjustments we had to make - like learning the form of English spoken in North America.

We joined a Missionary church just north of Toronto. The congregation was responsible for assisting many families who had fled Vietnam, escaping in small boats. We provided homes, meals and general support. In return, we were introduced to Vietnamese cuisine. The relationship was mutually beneficial.

I am certain (and will be disappointed if this is not true) that the Christians who live in the States are doing what they can to assist those who are truly refugees from oppressive or unsupportive regimes. It would be nothing more than what God would expect. When we do provide a helping hand, we should be mindful of Jesus’ caution in Matt. 6:1 “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven."