How to subscribe to discussions


I can"t seem to figure out how to subscibe to the discussions I am participating in.
I see the subscription box is checked but I am getting no results.



The subscription protocols for this forum software are a little… weird. :wink: Not your fault, just goofy software design.

The easiest way to ensure constant email alerts for replies to threads you’ve participated in, is to click the following hyperlinks or buttons:

1.) User Control Panel (this is a hyperlink up near the top of every page, on the left; under the link for the ‘board index’, and to the left of the parenthetical link for ‘x new messages’. That’s a signal for private emails through the forum, by the way.)

2.) Board Preferences (this is a tab-button, which will be found in the middle of a list of tabs underneath a large text reading USER CONTROL PANEL. Clicking this tab won’t take you to a new screen, but will change options below the tab list.)

3.) Edit Posting Defaults (this is a sort-of-combination of hyperlink text and tab button, to the left, below the main row of tabs on this screen (one of which was and still should be ‘Board Preferences’). It’s in the middle of the list of three ‘defaults’.)

4.) Notify Me Upon Replies By Default (this is the bottom of a vertical list of four ‘radio buttons’ that should have appeared in the middle of the page after you clicked ‘Edit Posting Defaults’. Make sure the ‘yes’ button is colored by clicking on it.)

This will ensure that any thread you participate in will send you emails every time someone (except you) posts a new comment to it. It will not send email alerts for people altering a comment, even if they add something extensive, though. (There’s really no way to notice that, unfortunately; hard to come up with a way to code such alerts into the software, too.)

The subscription checkmark hyperlink thingy at the bottom of a page, allows people to get email updates when new comments are posted, even if they haven’t put in a comment themselves. However, the checkmark is an ‘invitation’ mark, not a ‘status’ mark: it means you can subscribe to it, not that you have been subscribed. (There’s no way to tell this from just looking at it, btw; I had to test it out myself a minute ago to see which way it went.)

If you click on the checkmark, you’ll be subscribed to the page (and your browser will briefly load up a new screen saying so, before returning you to the thread). Now the subscription hyperlink thingy will show an xmark, though! :laughing: As before, it’s an invitation-option to unsubscribe, not a status of being unsubscribed.

Another very handy way of keeping track of new comments (and thus updates to threads of interest to you), is to use the “active topics” hyperlink. This can only be found (so far as I know) on the main forum page, also known as the “board index”, so if you’re reading this thread (for example) you’ll have to click the “board index” hyperlink first. This is the very first hyperlink on the page, up and to the left, just under the masthead (where it reads “The Evangelical Universalist featuring Gregory MacDonald & Thomas Talbott”).

Once you’re on the main page (which you might also reach with a bookmark on your browser, if you bookmarked the main forum page address), look at the line of hyperlinks just above where the forum categories start. (The first forum category is “Endorsements”.) The list of links, from left to right, reads “view unanswered posts”, “view new posts”, “view active posts”. Any of these can be useful, but I like to use the “view active posts” link most.

This will take you to a new page where threads are sorted according to the most recent activity, top down. If you haven’t read the most recent (including the first) comment in a thread yet, it’ll be marked in red. (This only happens if you’ve logged in, of course.) However, the system figures that if you’re the last (or only) person to have commented in the thread, then you’ve read it already (duh), so it while it’ll still move the thread to its new place on the list it won’t mark it red until someone else puts a new comment on that thread (at which time the system will topsort the thread again.)

So, when you created this thread, had you gone to the “view active topics” screen, you would have seen this thread at the top of the list, but it wouldn’t have been marked red for you. It was marked red for me because I hadn’t read it yet; when I looked at the “view active topics” list this morning, there had been some other posts in other threads after this one was created, so it was already moved down on the list a bit, but it was still marked red. (When I’m very much interested in a topic but don’t have time to really work on it, I’ll often not read it at all so that it’ll remain flagged red, even if it moves off the first page of the active topic sorting. :slight_smile: ) There’s a scroll-list button at the bottom of the page that will allow you to choose a filter larger than 7 days (up to all threads ever posted). Be aware, though, that the page will only show so many topics at a time, after which it’ll leave a fairly tiny page-hyperlink list down at the bottom right allowing you to go to a new page that will continue the sort-listing for you. When we have really busy weeks, there may be two pages on the sort-list for the past seven days, for example.

I hope that’s helpful! :smiley:

Please feel free to post again if you have further problems.


Jason, bless you and thanks. I’ll see if that works. I checked out the reviews of your novel last night and it seems you did well by that book.


I hope those work for you.

I’ve retitled your first message (thus retitling the thread), so that other newcomers might find the instructions a little easier.

As to the novel: sales have been about what I expected for a hardback novel from a completely new and self-published author with a difficult first 50 pages or so. (i.e., not many. :laughing: :laughing: ) But reviews have mostly been good, and I’m grateful for that. :slight_smile:

When I can republish in trade paperback format (same size, but less expensive softcover), with the next two novels available, too, and a cover redesign that includes reviews, the property will be a lot more marketable (especially for distributors and wholesalers to retailers). Until then, meh.