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How would you answer?

Friends: A man from the British Isles recently asked me a question that made me dig into the depths of my experience in God for a response . I have made the response to him which I will post later for any that are interested. If you are not interested I will post my response regardless LOL.

How would YOU respond?

“On your Pilgrimage - what would you say are your top five lessons you’ve learned that you would pass on to other believers?”

  1. Stop being dogmatic.
  2. Stop being so hard on yourself.
  3. Enjoy the present.
  4. Stop assigning evil motives to people with different opinions or beliefs.
  5. Enjoy family and friends and make them a priority.

Dear Gabe: That is an excellent response & thank you!

I’m going to interpret the question as: what are 5 things that have helped you in your journey, that other Christians might find helpful or encouraging? Because there are Christians suffering in China, Coptics suffering in Muslim countries, some Christians are fractious prigs and some are far beyond me in maturity and wisdom. We’re fat and sassy in America (so far) so our advice is by and large how to deal as a Christian with affluence and the indulgence of affluence; others have had their children killed in front of them and have to deal with anger, poverty, abandonment.
So these 5 things won’t be helpful to many or most, but I try to remember them every day:

  1. Be as happy as you can under your circumstances; consider it a duty to yourself and those around you.
  2. Take conscious responsibility for each moment and each act; be aware in each moment, don’t just float along.
  3. Mentally, try to live 'Under the open sky, in the broad sunlight, looking far and wide". Accept Truth from any source as an angel from heaven.
  4. Try to earn your way into ‘heaven’ !!- of course we can’t actually do that, but the thrust of the statement means that intentionally and gratefully striving to be a better person morally and in the service of others, in the light of who Jesus is, will provide us with something to bring into the life to come. What you do is what you believe. What you are is what you will take into the Kingdom.
  5. Love alone is credible.
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Dear Dave: wow! I may be required to shelf my exhausting response. Much thanks.

I also post on a very large Board. This is how Miss Hepburn responded>>

LOVE this thread! xxxooo

Not in this order:

Do not worry
Give God all your burdens
Rely on God 100% for everything
In order to love anything you must KNOW that thing, so, be still and know God personally.
Be careful of any form of self righteousness and pride, the ego is very tricky
Get rid of your guilt that separates you from God’s Divine Love, you ARE deserving of all God’s gifts.
Ask, believe and receive

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