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How Would You Respond To Someone Like This?

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Starting at 1:00:13!

By the way this is Dr James White. Known Calvinist Apologetic!


Okay, I listened to a little of it. Could you explain exactly what it is that you’re having a controversy with? For myself, I see the whole thing from a different angle and while I agree that this passage denotes universalism, I don’t see it the way he sees it at all. It would be hard (and take a long time) to explain all of this here, and I’d probably miss your point of concern entirely if I tried to guess at it. So–if you’d like to be a little more specific, that would help a lot.


Well he says that the Bible doesn’t teach Universalism so I was wondering how does one approach a scholar like James White in a EU POV that it does? Sorry I thought that someone would have picked up on what he said should have made myself clear.


Jesus said the Father has given all things into his hands, and the purpose of giving all things into his hands is to give eternal life to as many as the Father has given him. That sounds like teaching universalism to me.


If you want to know, how different theological scholars - argue their positions on hell and give rebuttals…then just read the book Four Views on Hell at In the US, you can probably obtain it - via the Inter-library loan program.