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This was a chance discovery that I found very enriching. It seems to be a wiki written by a Messianic Jew and the details and insight and thematic narrative are really, really good. I have only read a few pages and Im sure there are some divergent thoughts for some of us but definitely worth a look. Follow the links at the bottom.

Thanks for that resource. I came across this site last week - seems to include items on hebraic theology, correct biblical context, and other things like science and politics. Feel like it would be a good resource for a ‘beginner’ in faith and someone who is considered ‘advanced.’

Thats interesting. It seems to indicate that Gnosticism predated Jesus as it was already incorporating selective Jewish literature.
One of the things that I wonder about is that we clearly see a Gnostic schism in the early church because the Apostles spent a great deal of ink battling their error. John and Paul seemed especially specific towards Gnostic error. However no one ever calls them Gnostics. That I find curious. Of course Jesus identified the Nicolaitins in Revelation and it is widely held that this is who Paul was addressing when he said, “Shall we go on sinning that grace may abound? God forbid!”
But Johns Apocalypse came much later I suppose.
The authors assertion that Gnosticism is on the rise in the modern church could have used some specific references. Who does he think are the New Gnostics?

A suggested representative from The Apologetics Index: Rick Joyner

He’s been around so long I don’t think he can even be called a new anything.

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